Downsizing Your Closet

Downsizing Your Closet

Your home is your sanctuary and as you adopt an ageless lifestyle after 50 it’s possible you could be downsizing or moving to a new location to live your passion.

Last week I moved from a 1 bedroom condo to a 3 bedroom penthouse. The only problem is that I went from 20 feet of closet with storage all along the top to 3 feet double hung and a stack of built in drawers.

Has that ever happened to you, where you move only to realize that you no longer have the space for clothes you used to have?

Do you look for extra storage options or resign yourself to downsizing your closet?

For me, I’m always in a state of downsizing. I like to move a lot so that’s an opportunity to let go of more stuff. I also make it a point of going through my closet twice a year and giving things away.

But this time I’m finding that the things I don’t wear are so nice that I can’t bring myself to donate them to my maid like I usually do. Well, there’s actually one thing that’s blocking the donation. It’s a pair of black velvet heels that are just beautiful.

You know what I’m talking about. You probably have a similar pair in the back of your closet. You may only wear them once a year or maybe once every 2 years, but when you go to that formal party and you put on that dress with those shoes, everything is perfect. At that moment, you’re sure you did the right thing by keeping them.

Hey, it’s only one pair of shoes, right? How much space do they take up?

At the same time, if you keep the shoes it’s a slippery slope to finding reasons to keep a whole lot more stuff that you don’t really wear.

So here’s a list of questions to ask yourself that I borrowed from Tiny House Talk:

1. Have I worn this in the last 12 months?

2. Does it fit how I like it to?

3. Is it comfortable to wear? Will I enjoy wearing it?

4. If I got rid of this along with at least 3 other garments, can I afford to buy something new that I would wear more?

5. If I had already gotten rid of this, would I even miss it or remember it?

6. Why do I still have this if I haven’t worn it in __?

7. If I invested in some new outfits, would it be easier to get rid of this excess clothes?

I hope these questions help you. I’m not sure if they will work for me, because I didn’t mention I’ve got this pair of really cute flannel PJ’s. It doesn’t get cold enough to wear them in Cabo. I haven’t worn them in at least 6 years.  I might need them if I ever travel somewhere cold.

It’s only one pair, how much room do they really take…

Oh, before you go, check out 10 Quick Steps to an Organized Closet.

Downsizing Your Closet


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