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10 Quick Steps to an Organized Closet

Even though your closet has doors, what's going on behind those doors affects how you feel about yourself. A messy, unorganized closet, is subconsciously eating away at you. You've got it on your never ending 'to do' list. So what's stopping you from just getting it done this weekend?

I'm guessing that every time you open your closet door, which is at least twice a day, you feel anxious and maybe a little apprehensive. You know you'd be embarrassed for people to see the inside of your closet and worried about how that would reflect on you. A messy closet doesn't fit with the ageless lifestyle you're living, does it? 

So let's fix it! It's not difficult. It just feels overwhelming because you don't know where to start. That's where I can help. I've moved so many times I can't even count. Each house had a completely different closet. I've used many different tricks and tips over the years, but some things remain constant no matter what kind of closet you have. Those constants are my 10 steps that will help you organize your closet this weekend.

Look at this quick video for inspiration. You'll also see the benefit of organizing your closet goes way beyond your closet. It can give you more space in your bedroom too!

10 Quick Steps to an Organized Closet

1. Do you need it? Go through everything in your closet and see what you can take to a consignment store, donate, or throw away.

2. How do you want it? Decide which clothes you prefer hanging and which can be folded.

3. Want more room? Switch to slim hangers you can get online or at your local bedding store. You'll gain at least 40% more space.

4. Need more hanging space? Move your main hanging bar to accommodate double hanging or even triple, depending on how high your ceiling is.

5. Can't find what you want? Arrange your clothes first into sections of business and casual. Then by season, sleeve length, and colors from white to black. Putting tops above the lower rack of pants/skirts, organized the same way, so it makes it really easy to get dressed.

6. How do you get dressed? Can you put your shoes and accessories in boxes or a pocketed over the door hanger, or do you need clear containers?

7. Out of space? Save space by putting your out of season clothes in containers or space saver vacuum bags. Then put them on the top shelf or under the bed.

8. Can't reach the shelf? Use all your upper shelf space by getting a folding step stool to get up to that top shelf storage. It's a perfect place for seldom used items.

9. Blessed with a hinged door? Use over the door storage containers if you have doors that open rather than slide or fold.

10. What kind of containers? Choose the size and shapes of your containers after you've decided what goes in the containers. Then depending on what you need to see, choose clear containers, closed containers, baskets, or open bins.


See how easy that was? All you needed to do was ask yourself some important questions and then be creative in your solutions. If you have a closet with doors that get in the way of properly using the space, take them off and store them under the bed if you're a renter. Otherwise, give them away. Put up some pretty curtains. If you use nice decorative containers, it will make you even happier every time you open your closet.

Feel free to share your before and after pics on my Facebook page.

10 Quick Steps to an Organized Closet

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