A Meditation to Reboot Your Ageless Soul

A Meditation to Reboot Your Ageless Soul

20 years ago I was introduced to this wonderful guided mediation by Louise Hay. It is a lengthy one at 47 minutes, but that is also its power. It covers a tremendous amount of ground to reboot whatever has been causing even the slightest disruption to your happy ageless lifestyle.

You may find yourself falling asleep during the meditation and that’s ok. The message still gets through. It works best if you can actively participate in the exercises the meditation takes you through. Either way, you will feel lighter and refreshed after doing this meditation.

I call it a meditation to reboot your ageless soul because it’s good to do a reset every once in a while to make sure everything is working in your life at an optimum level.

It’s hard to enjoy an ageless lifestyle after 50, or at any age, if you are stressed by things from the past you still haven’t been able to put to rest.

This meditation will take you all the way back to the beginning and do the wonderful work that only Louise Hay does with her gifted meditations. So give it a try today.

This meditation helped me with understanding and forgiveness on several levels, allowing your ageless spirit to feel more free. I hope it can bring you peace of mind and a new level of ease in your daily life.

A Meditation to Reboot Your Ageless Soul

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