17 Clothing Colors that Affect Your Mood

17 Clothing Colors that Affect Your Mood

Sometimes you look at your closet and wonder, where did all these boring clothes come from? Check out these 17 clothing colors that affect your mood and see if it’s time for some changes in your wardrobe.

I live in a colorful place where you’d think my closet would be full of tropical vacation clothes, but no, I’m still a black and white girl.

There are a few colorful things in my closet that I pull out when I’m going somewhere I think I might be in photos or when I have to shoot a video. The rest of the time I’m black and white.

So what do our color choices mean about us?

Check out this list by Tory Dube I found on MindBodyGreen.com

Check out the list below to see how you can tweak your wardrobe to positively affect you throughout the day!

Grey: Causes indifference, non-expressiveness. Some associated terms are fixed, depressed, lifeless apathetic.

Black: Symbolizes extremes, all or nothing.

Gold: Symbolizes authority, self-confidence, creativity, perfection.

Silver: Inspires emotional stability, removes or neutralizes negativity.

Copper/Bronze: Symbolizes love and passion in personal and professional relationships and endeavors.

Red: Stimulates energy, warmth and healing. Some associated terms are courage, will-power, speed and assertiveness.

Orange: Stimulates new possibilities, creativity and enthusiasm.

Yellow: Awakens mental inspiration and energizes your muscles. (Remember, your heart is a muscle!)

Green: Inspires balance and harmony, soothes both the mind and body.

Blue: Soothes and cools.

Indigo: As a mix of blue and red, indigo combines the devotion of blue and stabilization of red. Indigo inspires coolness and electricity.

Violet/Purple: Colors of transformation, soothing mental and emotional stress. For those of you who meditate, it is believed that violet strengthens one’s spiritual power.

White: White is the combination of all colors. It signifies perfection, balance and harmony.

Magenta: Inspires magnetism and extra focus to achieve power.

Pink: Restores youthfulness, inspires genuine contact to your true feelings.

Turquoise: Increases intuition and sensitivity. Relaxes sensations of stress.

Brown: Represents solidity and grounding, natural and simple.

So there you have it. Is it time for you to add some new colors?

How about ditching some that don’t reflect how you want to look and feel and the image you choose to project?

As part of an ageless lifestyle after 50, maybe it’s time to put more fun into your wardrobe. And maybe I need to take that advise myself.

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17 Clothing Colors that Affect Your Mood

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