The Perfect Vegan Brownie Ice Cream Sundae

The Perfect Vegan Brownie Ice Cream Sundae

I know you want to have a healthy ageless body and you’re trying really hard to eat clean, but dessert?

Are you having trouble giving up those sugar filled, chemical laden cookies, cakes, brownies, candy bars and ice creams from the grocery store?

Not after today because now you are going to have not just one, but several choices for the perfect vegan brownie ice cream sundae.

Think vegan desserts are just fruit or some poor imitation of real desserts? Well, the perfect vegan brownie ice cream sundae will change all that.

And you’ll love it so much I’ve given you several brownies and ice creams to choose from so you can make a different one every time.

You also will have vegan chocolate and caramel sauces to top it with and some coconut whipped cream to make it perfect.

It’s not hard to have a healthy ageless body and live an ageless lifestyle after 50 when you’ve got desserts like this you can make at home.

The first step is picking your brownie.

There are currently 29 brownies to choose from on the Healthy Brownie Pinterest board that are healthy, vegan or gluten free. There are a couple that aren’t vegan, so just make flax eggs and use plant based milk.

With 29 health conscious recipes to choose from, you’ll find the perfect brownie for you!

This is the one I make over and over from (I love her recipes!)

iesmel sauceI use 2 cans of beans, 8 tablespoons of cocao instead of cocoa, substitute apple sauce for pumpkin and bake it for 22 minutes in an 8 inch pan. It comes out rich and gooey.

If you decide to make brownies with beans, rinse them really really well. They will still have a bean taste the first batch you make. The more I make them, the less I notice the bean taste.

Now it’s time to choose your ice cream.

You can go traditional vanilla, but why not mix it up a little and see what new flavor might strike your fancy?

You’ve got 40 to choose from on the Healthy Ice Cream Pinterest board.

This is also where you’ll find a vegan chocolate sauce and 2 vegan caramel sauces to top off your sundae.

You can do a simple 3 ingredient vanilla coconut ice cream  or go for the vegan coconut almond chocolate chip ice cream.

You’ll also find the only tutorial you’ll ever need on making coconut whipped cream.

There you have it. All the ingredients for the most decadent, sinfully delicious vegan dessert, the perfect vegan brownie ice cream sundae.

Plus you’ll have some good high quality protein if you make the black bean brownies, healthy fat from the coconut milk ice cream and the extra sweetness of the sauces without being overloaded with high fructose corn syrup or chemicals.

Yes, you can have an ageless body and eat the perfect vegan brownie ice cream sundae!

 Let me know what your favorite combination is.

The Perfect Vegan Brownie Ice Cream Sundae

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