Miracle of My Breast Cancer Cure

The Day Breast Cancer Changed My Life: Part 2-The Cure

This article is a reprint from my October 23, 2008 ezine. I'm posting this entire cancer section on my personal story in response to requests on my Facebook page.

In last week's article on the breast cancer diagnosis I talked about being diagnosed and how it made me feel and my response to it. I also mentioned how it impacted my life from that point on.

I have resisted talking publicly about this for many years because I didn't want to offend anyone who took another path or would interpret the type of things I'm talking about here as me saying "it's all your fault".

Which I'd like to say right now, it isn't. You can only deal with what shows up in your life based on the knowledge that you have at that particular moment. Once you have more knowledge you can make a different choice.

Now I want to share a little deeper with you the part concerning the cure. These are my personal beliefs that I believe are what led to me being cured so quickly along with some of the action steps I took. Excuse me if I keep

reminding you that these are my beliefs which you may or may not embrace, but I want to make that perfectly clear.

There's two types of healing that I believe must take place to have a long lasting cure:

1.When you focus on healing the emotional body the physical body will repair itself.

2. Focusing on the therapies to take care of the physical manifestation of disease alone will only be a temporary fix for many people.

I'm sure you've heard of people who have a relapse or another type of cancer or some other life threatening disease within a few years of the first diagnosis. I see this as an opportunity to look deeper into your soul and have a very personal conversation with yourself.

I made a decision the day I was diagnosed that I never wanted to have another experience anything close to this in my life again. With my belief that disease is really just a dis-ease with something in your life that is out of alignment with the truth of who you really are, I went to work on myself.

For people who experience long term success with a cure, there is something much deeper which occurs inside of them. It could be a conscious decision to do some work, like it was for me, or it could be a realization that comes on a

subconscious level that you may not even be aware of, but I believe everyone goes through this transformation if they are truly cured.

And if you ask me what 'truly cured' means to me, I'd say it's the difference between the comfort level someone has in saying that they are 'cancer free' or in saying that they are cured. Because once again, the cure, to a large extent is the reflection of your belief system. This is not a discussion of medical opinions.

And I know that if you read last week's article you'll see that I used the term 'cancer free'.

Here's the difference; I wrote that article back in April and a lot has changed in my life to the point where I'm being more honest and straightforward in how I share without so much worrying about being politically correct. And I have to tell you it's very freeing-and I believe much healthier.

My belief system is that on a soul level I have made a commitment to listen to the signals from the Universe when it tells me to slow down or take a break or make a shift in my business or my lifestyle or relationships.

I also have a belief that my physical body is a daily reflection of my emotional state and an indication of alignment or misalignment with my soul. So for me, noticing that my face is breaking out gets introspection on what's going on with me so I don't stuff emotions to the point of something much more major happening.

When I was diagnosed, the first thing I did was go home to my library and pull out my books on mind/body connection and health.

The first book I looked at that I thought might tell me how to cure myself said that people have cured themselves from cancer with great success, but not really breast cancer. So on to another book. I looked through everything I had and took bits and pieces I thought would be helpful.

I went for a second opinion and once again rejected the choice of surgery. Living in a small town in a third world country, my friends thought I should be on the first plane out. That was the first sign to most people that I was crazy.

I chose a different path. I called a friend who is an irodoligist. I told her I was going to give myself a month to do this myself and while I was on vacation in the states I would see a doctor again to see how I did.

So just in case I still needed to have surgery, I wanted to change my diet to be in the best place possible by eliminating any foods that could grow breast cancer and eating things that would prepare me for surgery. That included her prescribing a lot of supplements I had never taken before and don't remember, and sadly excluded me drinking wine. Which I thought could have been very beneficial about that time.

I think my whole approach goes back to what my beliefs were at the moment I was diagnosed. As I said in part one, it was surreal to say the least, but the most important point was that I was pretty sure this was an awakening, not a

death sentence. There was something big that had been building inside me for quite a while.

I knew there was a shift coming. And now it was up to me to move beyond this challenge as quickly and easily as possible. So that was my mind set.

I quit my very easy, high paying job. That was the second sign I was probably crazy, as the news spread through town. All of a sudden I realized I had more friends and friend of friends that were healers than I had any idea about.

Along with changing my diet I had acupuncture, took Chinese herbs, had a Native American healing ceremony, did hypnotherapy, massage, meditation, recorded health affirmations on a cassette that I listened to while I did yoga, and drank different concoctions of vegetable juices on different days.

After two weeks of this I decided that I should be at least 50% cured since I had given myself a month, so I made an appointment to go have an ultrasound. I wanted to see how I was doing. I didn't tell anyone I was going.

It was the first time that I got a little worried, because it looked exactly the same as it did on the mammogram and original ultrasound - no change!

Instead of getting depressed I told myself that my timetable was not God's and that I still had two weeks. I was pretty sure God was on board for that part of the plan.

So long story short, when I went to see this cutting edge oncologist in the U.S. I was feeling pretty good. Really, I was feeling the best I ever remembered feeling. None of the small daily stuff bothered me at all any more, my body was very clean from the new health routine, and by quitting my job I was pretty much stress free.

After they did more than one mammogram I got a little nervous, but when I saw the picture on the ultrasound I couldn't believe my eyes. All that was left was an empty shell. That's why they had taken more photos with the mammogram.

It was gone!

What worked? Who knows? All of it? One thing? Who cares?

And I knew I had picked the right doctor when I told him all the things I had been doing and gave hime this long list of the supplements I had been taking and he didn't think I was crazy.

There is another huge part of the synchronicity that led me to be in the city where this doctor was and how I was led to him, but that's another story.

Everything happened exactly as it was supposed to to get me to the transition in my life that breast cancer was the catalyst for.

Would I have preferred to have gotten the message in a gentler way? Yes.

Would I give up any of the gifts I still have in my life today because of having cancer? Never.

In fact I'm grateful for the experience and I hope to never have another one like it again.

In part three I'll share with you what those gifts were and how I came to recognize them.

Because as I mentioned in part one, when this happened 9 years ago it meant ending a 25 year career, leaving the place I thought I was going to stay forever and moving to a city in the desert when I'm an ocean resort person.

But I went on faith where I felt directed to go. And this life that I have now being able to communicate like this with you and helping thousands of others to change their lives came out of that moment when I walked out of the doctors office and chose a different path.

So what's the choice you need to make in your life?

Are you paying attention to what the Universe is telling you?

my breast cancer cure

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