International Womens Day and Your Ageless Life

International Womens Day and Your Ageless Life

fIt’s a warm sunny day here in Cabo and I’m going to work from my rooftop patio this morning and enjoy the view with no cruise ships in today.

International Womens Day

Yesterday I was reminded by social media that today is International Womens Day. So this morning I went to FaceBook to see what my friends were posting about it.

I was disappointed to see that some are focusing on the divisiveness of politics as usual and using this day as a negative statement about the other side.

Then there is the group who is choosing to use this day as a day to show men what a day without women looks like.

And there are those who choose to use this day as a coming together to celebrate women as a whole, and I mean all women.

It seems that everything these days fractures the US society, if not many countries of the world. I find it disheartening.

Being ageless means that you’ve learned some life lessons and have become wiser, more compassionate, more accepting and more loving as the years have gone by.

We all, men and women, from every country, have our own stuff to deal with on a daily basis.

Can we just keep that in mind as we go through the day?

Instead of being wrapped up in our own world, how about looking at people as a whole and what you can do to bring more happiness or joy to someone today.

Today just happens to be a day focused on women, International Women’s Day.

Ageless Women

Women have a reputation of turning on each other in business and in life. Judging others is not the way to get ahead. Holding out a hand to lift others is the way we all get ahead, and get along.

This was demonstrated to me so clearly when I got the idea for Your Ageless Life and Business Telesummit.

I posted on my Facebook profile asking women to connect with me if the questions I was asking about speed bumps and transformations sounded like them. And the reaction was almost instantaneous with several women saying they would like to share their story within a matter of minutes.

I let them all know I was starting my business again and that after 5 years I no longer had a big list to mail to, so this might be a small project. And happily, every single woman still said they wanted to participate.

There was nothing in it for them except to help other women by sharing their story. They weren’t promoting a product. Not one was selling a new course. They were just hoping that by stepping up and telling their truth other women would learn how to avoid some things they went through. Or if they did go through those speed bumps, have a plan and a road map for getting to the other side.

That’s how ageless women contribute.

The Global Sisterhood has this beautiful 2 minute video and a global sisterhood pledge on their site for Internaltional Womens Day.

Their tagline is “Transforming Ourselves, Transforming Our World” The video is worth watching and you can take a look at their pledge. I find their pledge to be in alignment with what I believe an ageless life and business to be.

This video from calls for a global meditation today. Go to their site to tune in from home or join any of the worldwide local meditation circles celebrating International Womens Day.

I love that there are positive groups and actions being taken to bring women from all over the world together today. This is what International Womens Day is about to me!

P.S.: I know there’s an apostrophe in women’s. It’s an issue with WordPress and Seo. Sorry!

International Womens Day and Your Ageless Life

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