When Do We Get the Courage to Grow and Change

When Do We Get the Courage to Grow and Change?

I’ve been giving some thought to the ebb and flow of our lives. Here are my conclusions and I’d like to hear your thoughts as well on the question, when do we get the courage to grow and change?

In our 20’s and 30’s

We are trying to find our place in society.

What is our career?

That and our material possessions define us to a great extent.

We tend to conform for the most part to try to reach the top and be a success. We may think we are rebelling, but really we are rebelling as part of fitting into our version of a rebellious group we want to be a part of.

In our 40’s

We live the fruit of our journey and continue the climb if so inclined. Or we just start to coast, comfortable in the life we have created. This is when we think we’ve made it and it’s all up from here.

Somewhere from mid-40′s on, we come to the recognition in our spiritual life that we have a higher purpose than just having a job and making money.

We can spend anywhere from months to several years to investigate the possibility of what that means. This is when the courage to grow and change takes permanent hold. Personally, for me, this came in a nano second when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 43.

And this is where the split comes in.

Some of us prepare for the most exciting trip of our life, the journey of true self-discovery and self-empowerment.

The rest choose to ignore the request to shift and grow because the unknown is just too scary. They convince themselves they are perfectly content exactly where they are. I doubt you’re one of the content or you most likely wouldn’t have found your way here.

In our 50′s

We grow bored with life and recognize there are mountains to climb which will engage our creativity and passion. Our new focus may or may not have a financial wealth goal attached to it.

This is when we look around at all the material things we have, the relationships we have, the things we have done and the things we haven’t.

Most importantly, we begin to seriously consider who it is we really have become and how we feel about this person.

It’s our own internal judgment day.

We move from who society trained us to be to making a choice of who we want to be from this point forward.

We go from living with an external focus to an internal focus.

The interesting thing is we now have a calmness born of the wisdom of having been there and done that.

We have grown to be patient with ourselves and this creates a unique space to give ourselves the room to grow even more.

Now we can go on the adventure of becoming who we really are. Becoming the embodiment of our soul’s desire and honoring the soul’s purpose.

And now the real journey begins.

This is when we are called on to be brave, to bare our souls and see who we are really meant to be and become that person.

All are called, yet few will answer.

When do we get the courage to grow and change?

Is the answer for you, right now?

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Until next time, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Just comment on this post here or on Facebook.

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When Do We Get the Courage to Grow and Change

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