What Tasks Do You Outsource and Which Do You Love To Do Yourself

What Tasks Do You Outsource and Which Do You Love To Do Yourself?

What tasks do you outsource in your life? We’re not talking about business tasks, we’re talking about all the other tasks in your day to day life.

My first outsourcing was cleaning my house. I decided in my 20’s that cleaning was not my thing and best left to someone else.

What was the first thing you outsourced? Maybe gardening or pool cleaning. Those are both things that I enjoy doing so while the common thing is to outsource those, I don’t because I get satisfaction from doing them myself.

How do you decide what to outsource and what to do yourself?

Watch this video for some distinctions and ideas about outsourcing things in your personal life.

Plus you’ll get a couple tips on pool cleaning! 😉

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What Tasks Do You Outsource and Which Do You Love To Do Yourself

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