Vegan Apple Nachos

Vegan Apple Nachos

Sometimes you just want something sweet and filling, gooey and chocolatey, that it still healthy. This will not take your ageless healthy body off track. These vegan apple nachos are a great addition to your ageless lifestyle after 50.

About 3 years ago I discovered Pinterest and one of the first things I remember making that I had pinned was a recipe for Apple Nachos. Since then this has become a staple for me and I’ve made my own recipe.

These are gluten free as well. You need to use vegan chocolate chips to make this vegan.

Use whatever nut butter is your favorite.

This makes one serving for dessert and is very filling with the apple, which gives you fiber, the nut butter gives you protein and fat, and so do the nuts.

Vegan Apple Nachos

1/2 apple thinly sliced. (I like granny smith)

2 T nut butter, heated until runny (I use peanut or almond)

Handful of slivered almonds

Handful of  shredded coconut

Handful of vegan dark chocolate chips.

Lay the apple slices on a small plate like you would chips for nachos or in a pinwheel. Top with almonds, coconut and chips. Then drizzle the heated nut butter all over the top. The nut butter will hold everything together and make your vegan apple nachos easier to eat.

Feel free to get creative and add your own toppings. Try vegan caramel, add raisins…anything you like.

I initially  used one apple but found it was too much for one person. This can be dessert or a great snack. And since it has fruit, protein and fat, I’ve also had a it a few times for a light dinner.

This really makes it easy for dessert to still be  part of your healthy eating plan.

Vegan Apple Nachos

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