Top 10 Tips to Stimulate Your Aging Brain to Help You Remain Ageless

Top 10 Tips to Stimulate Your Aging Brain to Help You Remain Ageless

You want to constantly be using your mind in new and interesting ways. When you get stuck in a routine, in a rut, your brain goes to sleep and you are literally moving through your daily routine on autopilot.

I’m a big believer in rituals, but there’s a difference between being in the flow and feeling a connection to the world around you through rituals and just being in a rut.

So what can you do today to help your mind be stimulated in a way that helps you be ageless? Well, you can start with these top 10 tips to stimulate your aging brain.

Top 10 Tips to Stimulate Your Aging Brain to Help You Remain Ageless

  1. Watch live broadcasts on Facebook and Youtube. It’s even better if you actively participate
  2. Read all different types of material, not just your go-to stuff
  3. Listen to podcasts that make you think or challenge your beliefs and opinions
  4. Learn a few words in a new language
  5. Watch documentaries
  6. Find a completely different type of meal to eat than you normally would, even better if you cook it yourself
  7. Engage in conversations with friends that stimulate your mind
  8. Participate in discussions on social media
  9. Take on a 3 day, 7 day or 30-day challenge to learn a new skill or get better at something
  10. Plan a trip, even if it’s a day trip

The more new neural pathways you create, the sharper your mind will be as you advance in years.

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Top 10 Tips to Stimulate Your Aging Brain to Help You Remain Ageless

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