Top 10 Tips for a Daily Detox Practice

Top 10 Tips for a Daily Detox Practice and an Ageless Body

You may have never thought of the daily activities you do in terms of detox, but I bet there are some that do help detox your body.

Now you can pay more attention to having a daily detox practice after you see how easy it is to incorporate these tips into your daily life.

Meditation, spiritual reading, and exercise are a great way to start and/or end your day.

Here are my top 10 tips for a daily detox practice:

  1. Start the day with a cup of warm water with lemon and cayenne pepper
  2. Drink my anti-oxidant detox tea
  3. Have an organic veggie smoothie or juice
  4. Make flavored water with fruit and herbs
  5. Drink at least 50% of your body weight in ounces of water
  6. Eat a variety of fruit and vegetables daily and make sure to get in super foods
  7. Cook from scratch with recipes I’ve already researched on Pinterest
  8. Cut back or cut out meat (I stopped eating meat in 1990)
  9. 1 glass of wine with dinner
  10. 8 hours of sleep

Those are my top 10. Yours may be different. This is a place to start and also a place to get you thinking of what would be important for you to add.

Other things that are important for me to do on a regular basis:

I strive to have as few chemicals and toxins in my home as possible. That means changing all my cleaning products for one that works even better and without the toxins.

I also am switching over more and more personal care products to non-toxic and getting rid of as many chemicals as possible. I have found great products that I love.

Taking regular baths with Epsom salts and baking powder. You can add your favorite essential oils as well.

Grounding to the earth, which can be as simple as walking barefoot, preferably on grass or sand so it’s comfortable for your feet. Get more detailed info here.

Being at or in the ocean.

Let me know if you have more great tips for a daily detox practice.

Top 10 Tips for a Daily Detox Practice

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