The How-To of a Tiny Home

The How-To of a Tiny Home

Whether you’re getting ready to downsize or looking for a way to leave the rat race by cutting expenses, the how-to of a tiny home will interest you. Cutting the clutter from your life is part of having an ageless lifestyle after 50. Imagine how much more at peace you will feel knowing you don’t have a mortgage hanging over your head any longer.

Tiny houses are a growing trend so it’s worth checking out what it’s all about.

Tiny House Basics:

100-400 sq ft

Often mobile

Solar powered/off the grid

Natural materials

Environmentally conscious people

Low cost

Build it yourself for as little as $2-20,000 or have one built for under $100,000

No mortgage

The How-To of a Tiny Home

1/2 acre can be had for under $500. Try eBay and tax sales.

Some states require you to be connected to utilities.

Build small and add on if/when you want to.

Below are more how-to resources along with a short video of tiny home designs to inspire you!

Tiny homes come in many shapes and sizes.

Check out this video for basic info. There are beautiful tiny homes being built from all different materials, so don’t let this basic cabin scare you off. He offers great info!

Here’s another great resource for you.

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The How-To of a Tiny Home

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