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Time for You to Become Ageless?

What does it mean to become ageless? Inside do you feel like you’re still in your 30′s until  you look in the mirror to be reminded you're not there anymore? Would you like to make shifts in areas of your life to be more in alignment with how you feel on the inside and how you look and live on the outside?

      • Maybe you told yourself years ago that you’d start traveling more or seeing a bigger slice of the world?
      • Is your business stopping you from living your dream life?
      • Maybe your business needs a little re-inventing to allow you more freedom.
      • Or is it your home life and leisure time that’s been stuck in a rut?

"To me ageless living is forgetting the number and going for what you really, really want on every level."

After we hit fifty, I’ve had the same conversation with so many women…and a few men. It seems we all want to make a shift, big or small. So what is it for you? It could be better health. How about changing your eating habits for better nutrition? Changing the way your body looks?

I’m now reaching the far end of my 50′s and looking back to where I was when I turned fifty, and what my expectations were for this decade, I have to say things have turned out very differently. I’ll share more about my life as this conversation between us progresses.

If you already know me from, you know I’ve been helping people to live their passion and create the life of their dreams with the business to support it online since 2001.

So why a new site?

Over the last year or so I’ve been moving from being a vegetarian to vegan and more raw food in my diet. Looking around as I search for new recipes and more information I see so much misinformation out there from so-called professionals that I disagree with from my personal education on this topic. So I decided I am qualified to share my own personal experience from 30+ years of studying health and nutrition. And as far as the lifestyle part goes, I figured that one out in my early 20′s and have lived in many of the most beautiful resort areas in the world.

This conversation is more personal and focused on people my age, so it didn’t seems a good fit to add the new topics of health and travel to

I want to hear from you, not just what you think of what is posted, but also what’s going on in your life, and what you’d like to see discussed here. And if we don’t already know each other, I look forward to meeting you!

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