The Impact of Celebrity Deaths on Ageless Women

The Impact of Celebrity Deaths on Ageless Women

It’s been quite a week when it comes to celebrity deaths. The impact of celebrity deaths on ageless women, women over 50, is different. Whether it’s George Michael at 53, Carrie Fisher at 60 or Debbie Reynolds at 84, they all impact us in relation to different factors.

First, as most people do, we look at how old the celebrity is compared to our own age. We look at what they died from in relation to our own health.

Many ageless women then wonder if it’s too late to correct some similar situations in the own level of health and fitness. Some women also make a mental note to talk to friends and family about their own unhealthy habits.

Coming so close to the end of the year, this is also a time when we are naturally assessing where on the scale of 1 to 10 we fall in each area of our lives. This is the time we are looking at setting new goals and creating new habits.

You may be at an age where you identify with the situation Debbie Reynolds found herself in, having to plan her own child’s funeral. The gut-wrenching pain of that is something that thankfully many of us will never know.

Health-related deaths bring out the desire for the public to know what happened. We want to rule ourselves out from needing to worry that it could happen to us or take it as a cue that we need to get serious about our own health.

For women over 50 who have chosen to have an ageless life and business, we also look at celebrity deaths from the perspective of a career cut short for younger people, and a long and success filled career of older people. What they have accomplished, or could have done in the future, holds up a mirror that we then view ourselves in.

Some of the questions you may be asking yourself are:

Am I living my life to my full potential?

Is there something more, or something else I’m meant to do with my life?

Is it too late for me to live my passion?

Will I leave a legacy behind that will impact people’s lives when I’m gone?

This whole entire conversation, from being sad to hear the news, all the way to the conclusions we come to, occurs in seconds.

We are mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters. We are business owners, career women, and entrepreneurs. And we are human.

We feel these deaths on an intuitive gut-level and we wonder why they impact us the way they do. I believe it’s because we are ageless women, and we care about creating and giving and leaving the world a better place. So we feel the impact celebrities have in our world, maybe just a little differently.

Depending on their age, we may have grown up enjoying their work or admiring them as a person. When a musician dies, we remember the time and place in our lives that we relate to their music. Everyone does that, but we take it further and relate it to our own impact through what we create in our businesses. It’s that mirror again.

Is it time for you to hurry up and write that book, or finish that project?

Is it time for you to step up and go way bigger? 

Have you been playing small?

Up until this week with three high-profile celebrity deaths, did you think you had plenty of time?

Let’s make a pact…

As ageless women, 2017 is the year we go big. This is the year we stop hiding our greatness. This is the year that we not only start, we finish…and we kick ass doing it!

This week has catalyzed my drive. It’s given me a bigger why. It’s given me more of a sense of urgency.

For the last 5 years, I haven’t been contributing in the way I am meant to. It was a time of rebirth I needed to go through. I have a life purpose and I’m clear on what it is and how I’m bringing it to the world. I hope you have that same clarity in your life.

For me, I’m going to be doing my own goals program over the next few days. And soon you’ll be hearing more about the January Telesummit I’ve put together to help you answer all the questions situations like these celebrity deaths have brought up and know what to do with all the feelings of purposeful living they may have aroused for you.

Say goodbye to 2016, and get ready to rock 2017 in a way you’ve never done before.

Don’t just say, “How sad”, and forget. Take the example of the lives these celebrities have created and the body of work they produced and honor that by doing the major work you’re here to do.

I’ll see you in 2017!


The first step is to create the foundational document for your life, your Personal Manifesto. If you haven’t completed this document yet, click here to get your free copy of the special report which walks you through the process and gives you a template to use for creating your own personal manifesto.

Then you can move naturally into the next step of creating and achieving the goals you’ve set in the recognition of what you choose to manifest as your divine soul purpose.Click here for help with your goals. It’s all part of allowing your ageless mind to successfully manifest the ageless lifestyle you choose to create through living your life’s purpose.

*Photo Credit Chris Pizelli AP

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