The Art of True Relaxation

The Art of True Relaxation

Relaxation means something different to everyone. One thing it means to me is clearing a space to experience my ageless spirit. It’s all about the art of true relaxation. There are countless ways you can accomplish this. The thing to remember is that your body and your mind both need time to relax.

What Is Relaxation?

The dictionary says it’s:

1. The state of being free from tension and anxiety.

2. Physics: the restoration of equilibrium following disturbance.

Day-to-day life can be full of tension and anxiety. Disturbance is typical in most people’s lives, as work, family, money, stress, anxiety, grief and loss, and a plethora of other issues can cause the inner peace necessary to live agelessly to become imbalanced.

Some people are so busy they don’t even realize they’re stressed, but it shows. Even if you can’t see it, people around you are bound to notice, especially if you find yourself snapping at anyone who asks you a question. Chances are you’re swallowing anti-anxiety medication your doctor prescribed every time your head feels like it’s about to explode.

How Do You Relax?

Relaxation comes in many forms:

A steamy bath filled with bubbles, sipping a glass of wine

A stroll in the park or an intense workout

Sitting down with a good book

Spending time in nature

Hanging out with friends

Watching or playing sports

Any form of creative self-expression

Spending romantic time with someone you love

Taking a vacation

Even if you’re not an artist, sit down with pen and paper and draw whatever spirit moves you to draw. Even if you’re not a writer, putting your thoughts onto paper will help to clear the mind and reduce stress. Write, paint, draw, sculpt, garden. Open a channel for your creativity and le your spirit soar. It’s a grew way to master the art of relaxation.

If you do like the arts, make a point of scheduling time once a month to travel to visit a museum.

Enroll in an adult education program. You could take a cooking class or photography or learn a new software program. It gives you time to do something social and the time you need to unwind and relax.

Meditation For Relaxation

Millions relax anywhere and anytime through meditation. Meditation allows you to use your mind as an escape from all the stressors of life. Through breathing and mindfulness you can achieve the ultimate relaxation and bring balance and inner-peace back to your mind and body.

Meditation is a practice used by many large corporations to improve the productivity and well-being of executives who have high stress jobs.

It has been proven to work in numerous settings and might be the perfect method to relax and regain balance. The great thing is, it only requires a short time and can be done anywhere where it is quiet.

You’re Worth It

Life can be challenging. When you start to feel stressed, you need to do something just for you.

Re-evaluate your priorities. Priority number one on is health. Without your health you can’t work or play, so never underestimate the art of relaxation. It can literally add years to your life, and help you to be ageless.

The next time you find yourself wanting to self-medicate because life is stressful, first think about what else you can do.

The Art of True Relaxationt

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