Work Life Balance Intertwined

Successful Women in Business Ageless Life and Business-Work/Life Balance Intertwined

Successful business women are frequently heard lamenting how their work/life balance intertwined in a way that really leaves them feeling frustrated and guilty. There is another way. It comes from clarity to focus on your own ageless life and business.

I just heard Scarlett Johannson talk about the guilt she has even though she has resources many business women don’t. She recently said in an interview with People magazine that she is barely holding it together as a working mom.

I don’t believe in the old adage that entrepreneurs work 80 hours to not have to work a 40-hour job. Watch the video and see if you agree.

Last Saturday I started 2 new segments. My Cabo news is meant to be more tongue-in -cheek. But, apparently I’m not good at that. And I also added a short segment on what I learned this week.

Facebook Live is a work in progress for me, and you get to watch me work through all of it live, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes when you do yours.

You know your business needs you to do video, right?

I didn’t mention it on the video, but the 50% discount on Change One thing, Change Your Life is still available, so it’s yours for only $47!

See you Saturday at the beach!

Work Life Balance Intertwined

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