Focus tips and strategies

Successful Women in Business Focus Tips and Strategies

Successful women in business are always looking for more focus tips and strategies to keep them on track. In this episode of Saturday Mornings at The Office with Lynn Pierce I talk about focus coming from your morning ritual among other things.

I also talk about being in the moment and focusing on the experience at hand, such as my trip to pet whales.

Focus is something that is a challenge for all of us. There are always distractions of people, animals, noises, email, social media, and the list goes on. And yet you still have work to get done.

In this video you’ll find focus tips and strategies to put you in a calm, peaceful state. They make it so much easier to remain focused while the outside world does everything it can to distract you.

You’ll also get to watch me, as a new Facebook Live user, struggle to figure out exactly how to do this. My hope and my goal is that each week gets better. Follow me on Facebook to be notified when I go live.

Join me each Saturday morning, live from The Office Restaurant on Medano beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Focus tips and strategies

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