Why Stand Up Paddling Is Healthy and Fun

Stand up paddle boarding, or SUP as it’s called, is something anyone can do anywhere there’s water. It’s easy to learn, fun and great exercise. Men can burn up to 1000 calories and 700 for women in an hour of paddle boarding, according to experts.

It’s  a full body workout engaging your core while building strength and balance. Sound a lot like the benefits of Pilates. It’s also a great cardio workout while you enjoy a nice relaxing time out on the water. And best of all there are no limits on age or fitness level.

Living in Cabo San Lucas, I have seen people of every shape, size and age out there having a good time.

From Maui to Cabo to Jackson Hole Wyoming and small towns in Vermont, everybody is falling in love with SUP. Calm ponds, flowing rivers or ocean waves are all great for paddling.

Is it time for you to make this sport part of your ageless lifestyle after 50? It supports your ageless body and it’s a great excuse to travel to new paddle board locations.

Photo credit: Katie Kaizen

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