Quick and Easy Vegan Vegetable Stock Recipe

Quick and Easy Vegan Vegetable Stock Recipe

See how easy it is to make vegetable stock and why you don’t want to use powder or cubes. This is so easy you can have it on the stove faster than this 7 min. video! Even if you don’t make soup, it adds flavor to your rice or quinoa.

After watching the video, if you’d like to see the recipe in writing with a little more info, go here.

Making your own stock is so much healthier than using vegetable stock cubes or powder 5 Essential Keys to an Ageless Bodythat have salt as the first ingredient, which means it is the ingredient that is the highest percentage in the product. So vegetables are a smaller percentage of what’s in the vegetable stock bouillion than salt is.

Adding more plant based meals to your diet is a simple way to start moving toward a healthy ageless body.

If you’re ready to have an ageless body, to get started click here!

Quick and Easy Vegan Vegetable Stock Recipe

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