Learn Golf After 50

Play Golf Like a Pro at Any Age

Here's a great series of short videos that will have you playing like a pro at any age, in no time at all. After turning 50, golf can help you have an ageless body, a sharp ageless mind and an active ageless lifestyle that includes golf travel.

There are many health benefits to golf. It can help you stay flexible, build muscle tone, lose weight and body fat. As an added bonus, golf is also a social game you can play with friends or make new friends. Golfers tend to connect with a sense of community that will make you feel welcome. Plus you're out in nature and can play in some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Over 60% of golfers are over 50 according to National Golf Foundation. There are 29 million golfers in the U.S. alone! While over 75% are men, the number of women taking up golf is increasing every year. In fact, the golf course has become a good place for meeting new people to date!

Play Golf Like a Pro at Any Age

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