Plant Comfort Protocol

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You missed out!

Are you a busy woman over 50, who doesn’t currently cook much, who wants to expand her health through plant-based eating?

Plant Comfort Protocol 

Your mission — should you choose to accept it — is to learn what to eat, why you’re eating it, and quickly & easily whip up proven satisfying plant-based comfort food recipes, so that in just 6 weeks you’ll be confidently cooking healthy meals in less time than it takes to order out!

Besides the benefits of eating more plant-based meals that may have brought you here, there are some serious health benefits.I’d like to take just a minute to briefly share my story and the one thing I know will make a difference in your health.

It was a few days after my 43rd birthday in May of 1999, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I gave myself a 30 day window to get rid of it.

And I did.

What I learned in that process is something that can turn your heath around and help you make a major shift, even if you think you’re already healthy and doing everything right, like I mistakenly did.

And thinking I was already healthy could have been the mistake that cost me my life, if I hadn’t been open to looking more closely and having an open mind to see what I missed.

I was eating well, meditating, doing yoga, living in an unpolluted area, had a strong spiritual practice and was 100% immersed into personal growth.

Sounds like the recipe for health and wellness, right?

But, there’s a big range of what’s considered “eating well”.

And it’s not eating well compared to other people you know. Because I had most people beat by a mile.

Over the previous 18 years since I started my health journey at 25, I had built a big library of health, nutrition, wellness and mind/body connection books that I went to immediately to craft my own treatment.

And I did some excellent things that helped me in that 30 day deadline.

But, even with all that education and resources, there were new and cutting edge things I wasn’t aware of at the time, living in a little village in Mexico before we had the Internet here.

And there have been so many advances in science in the last 20 years that have helped me understand even more about the complexities that contributed to my diagnosis and what helped me undo it so quickly.

Like scientific studies on which foods and nutrients give you the biggest bang for your buck fighting and reversing cancer in general and specific types.

Unfortunately, women are likely to put off the self-care to get your body in peak performance to fight the battle of your life, whether its cancer, heart disease (which is the #1 killer of women) or something else.

My attitude since my diagnosis is that it’s a whole lot easier to play offense than defense when you’ve been diagnosed and the clock is ticking.

And the fact is, the numbers now are such that just about 50% of women will hear those words in a doctors office at some point. “You have a disease that could end your life.”

Like my mom did at the age of 69 when she was given 2 weeks after a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer.

Or my diagnosis at 43.

And yes, both diagnosis came out of the blue.

And yes, it can happen to you.

Ask yourself:

How satisfied are you with your health right now?

How confident are you you’re doing everything you can to protect yourself from cancer or heart disease or anything else that could end your life prematurely?

How bad is the inflammation in your body?

Did you know that inflammation is a cause of most disease?

Do you know specifically what you need to eat to improve your health?

Do you know how to prepare those meals in a delicious, nutritious way?

If we were having this conversation in person I would be shaking you by the shoulders and saying, “This is important. Take charge of your health before it’s too late!”

Will you listen or will you make something else more important?

In the last few days you’ve most likely noticed I’m launching a new course, at a rocking discount for this small beta group that closes this weekend.

If you’re ready to eat more plant-based, great tasting comfort food, that will also help you love and nurture your body so it can do it’s job and restore and expand your health, go ahead and join us.

I’m here to help, as always.

If you want to join us in the course, please do. I promise the benefits will dwarf the money you pay for it.

But, beyond everything else, please take this friendly nudge, possibly sledge hammer, as a sign that it’s time.

Oh, the one thing I learned? Don’t think you’ve got it under control, because at some point it’s more likely you’ll find out you don’t.

And then what are you going to do?I believe you’re here because this is the course you are meant to take.Scroll down to the bottom of the page and join us now.

We will cover 3 main modules over 6 weeks

Module 1

Fueling Your Body

Power your body for all day energy and stamina, starting this week. Learn which easily accessible plant-based foods from your local grocery store will become quick & easy meals.

Module 2

Healing Your Body

Expand your health by discovering why it’s important to eat specific foods. And turn those food choices into yummy plant-based comfort food you’ll now be confidently making

Module 3

Satisfying Your Soul

Your taste buds and your stomach will thank you now that you can pull together everything into delicious meals with the recipes we make here, even if you haven’t, up until now, thought of yourself as a cook.

What is the result I could expect from taking this course?

Every person in this small, personalized class will have their own individual result I will help you to realize.

In general, I believe you could have more energy, sleep better, feel better, and your skin will look smoother/radiant in the next 6 weeks. Not to mention, lose unwanted extra weight.

And you will confidently be making plant-based comfort food in your own kitchen, knowing exactly what to eat, why you’re eating it, and how to prepare it with proven recipes I will guide you through.

How long is the course?

It’s a 6 week course that will begin mid-February.

All the modules and Q & A sessions will be recorded and in your members area along with cheat sheets, checklists, recipes, cooking tutorial videos, and other unannounced bonuses.

Is this live?

Yes, I will be recording this beta group as the course to then be delivered as a self-study course at a later date. So this could be the only time you’ll be able to do it live with me.

Who is this for?

I won’t turn anyone away who needs help, and having said that, this course is primarily designed for busy women over 50, because you are my peeps!

If you are a busy women over 50, who doesn’t cook much, I can help you expand your health by teaching you what to eat, why you eat it and how to make quick & easy plant-based comfort food, not rabbit food.

You’ll learn how to eat healthy food made fast, instead of fast food. You’ll get proven recipes, cooking demos, and most importantly, health/nutrition tutorials.

Is this a cooking course?

No, not really. This is a plant-based eating and health expansion course primarily.

Healthy recipes and cooking tutorials are a part of the course because once you know what to eat, you need to know how to prepare it!

I promise you, even if you don’t cook now, you will be confidently preparing plant-based meals with my help right from the very first week.

Do I have to give up meat and dairy?

Not if you don’t want to. You can add plant-based meals to the mix.

This is a no-judgement zone.

You decide how much or how little of your diet will be plant-based. You can start with one meal a week and see what you want to do from there.

How much is the course?

The course will normally be priced at $497, but for this small beta-group I’ve discounted it to $197!

Now that is along with the agreement between us that you will give your feedback during the course, and a testimonial I can use in future marketing of the course if you feel moved to do so (which I’m sure you will).

Course enrollment ends this weekend.

How do I enroll?

Just scroll down to the buttons below.

Because this is a small beta group with one-time pricing, I don’t have a fancy website/sales page/order form.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, you can take the first 2 week’s classes and if it isn’t for you, let me know and I’ll happily refund your money.

So go ahead and join us risk free.

What happens between now and when the class starts?

I will have some bonuses for you to get started with.

So go ahead and join us risk free.

It’s simple. Just click on one of the buttons below.


Fully Protected by Our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.


If, for any reason, you decide this course isn’t for you, you can get a full refund anytime within the first two weeks of the course. If you have any issues, just email me and I’ll give you an immediate refund.

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