Planning Weekend Getaway

How to Plan the Perfect Weekend Getaway


No more jumping on a travel site to scroll endlessly, hoping the perfect trip will pop out at you. It won’t. So take a couple minutes to define what you really want from this getaway and finding the perfect fit will be a breeze.

There are 4 steps to planning the perfect weekend getaway.

1. Define a budget for the whole trip

Even if you have plenty of money and you don’t really budget, you do have some kind of idea of how much you’re ready to spend for this getaway. That’s the starting point.

2. Decide if you want to fly or drive

This has to do with the time you are willing to take to get to your location as well as expense. If you’re looking at a location where you could do either, ask yourself if you’ll want a car when you’re there. Sometimes it makes sense to fly and get a cheap rental car, other times you’ll want to drive.

3. Determine the weather you want

Are you looking for something warm and sunny or do you prefer cooler weather where you might be able to have a fireplace going in your room? Sand or snow? Mountains or ocean?

4. Decide what type of activities you want to do

Once you know how much you’re going to spend, driving or flying, and the weather you’re looking for; it’s time to think about how you want to spend your time. Are you looking for shopping and great food? A world class spa? Sports or water activities?

Even after you’ve decided everything to this point, if you pick the wrong resort on the right island and you can’t do the paddle boarding your were dying to try or go snorkeling because the waves are too big, there goes the perfect getaway.

If your perfect weekend getaway is all about the party, think about how much you want to spend for a hotel you might only be sleeping in. The other thing to consider is whether you want to go to a cheap party destination or a high end one.

Now that you’ve narrowed it down, grab that cheap airfare!

Looking for a great deal on airfare to locations that are a fit for your weekend getaway is the first step. There are deals on hotels everywhere, so picking a location with a great airfare gives you more money to spend on the best resort or hotel experience.

Tip: Many airlines email their weekend deals to their subscribers on Wednesday, so look at those listings first.

Now go to your favorite travel site and look for deals that fit your specific requirements. If you have a hard time deciding, at least narrow it down to your top 2-3 choices after a few minutes of looking. Don’t spend 30 minutes agonizing over which hotel to pick. You’ve got your requirements, use them!

Need some help deciding between your top 2-3 choices?

I would suggest checking out reviews on Trip Advisor. You’ll have to figure out which reviewers sound the most like you since you’ll find what one person loves is the exact thing the newt reviewer hates. So know which one of those people you are.

I wouldn’t waste time asking people on social media unless all of your connections are just like you. From reading posts where people have done that for the spot I live, Cabo San Lucas, I can tell you I’ve never seen it work well. You’ll get recommendations ranging from the bottom of the barrel all the way to the top. That’s because we are all individual and need to make these choices for ourselves.

These tips should make it easier for you to to do that. Part of living an ageless lifestyle after 50 is being able to take great vacations and travel the world. Enjoy your trip!

Until next time, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Just comment on this post here or on Facebook.

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