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Why Magazines Lie About Recipes Being Healthy Food

UPDATE: This is one of the first articles to appear on this site in February, 2014. The bad health and nutrition information out there was driving me crazy, and it still is! I had been studying both, along with the mind/body connection since 1981 and I hated to see so called expert sources giving bad or misleading information that could affect someone's health.

Sadly the media is still misleading us about what is healthy. You need to dig deep and check out who pays for studies that are being reported. Who benefits for this mis-information, and sometimes, blatant lies.

I probably click on 10 "healthy" or "vegan" recipes on Pinterest for every one that makes it on to one of my boards. And some of those require substitutions.

The other thing is that people believe what they read or hear and then blame themselves when they don't lose weight or their health doesn't improve.

It's not just sad and detrimental to your self-esteem. It can be dangerous to your health.

With that said, here's the original article. And you'll find the easy substitutions article mentioned here.

Yesterday I saw a photo on Instagram with some yummy looking desserts. When I clicked to the website what I found not only looked like a major bait and switch on the part of the magazine, but also a disservice to Jessica Biel who is opening the restaurant with those yummy desserts. 

Why do magazines feel the need to post recipes that may have 1 fruit or veggie in it along with tons of unhealthy ingredients and call it healthy food? Is it because they think the mainstream audience won't go any further than adding 1-2 real healthy food ingredients?

It's hard for me to believe that's the reason when their audience has already raised their hand to look at a health magazine in the first place. So what's the point here? Is it as simple as ignorance? Or is it something else, like who is giving them advertising revenue? I'd love to hear your thoughts after you read this article.

There are 3 issues with this article:

  1. They show a picture of Jessica Biel's desserts and then give completely different recipes without clearly stating these aren't from the restaurant or Jessica Biel.
  2. This is a women's health magazine. Wouldn't you naturally expect recipes they post to be healthy? Nope!
  3. The recipes posted are old school with white flour, butter, sugar, etc. The only thing remotely healthy in the lemon zucchini bars is the 1 zucchini, and a little lemon juice.

I posted on Facebook about this, but couldn't stop thinking about this last night it bugged me so much! Things like this lead to the confusion about what is healthy food.

This recipe contains a stick of butter, a cup of sugar, a cup of flour and 2 eggs. While I've become really good at substituting ingredients over the years, sometimes a recipe has to many subs to be worth the trouble.

If you want a healthier choice for these ingredients, in my next post I'll give you simple substitutions.

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