A Course In Miracles Quote on Sharing

Increase Your Abundance By Sharing

Nothing real can be increased except by sharing. Does this mean you can really increase your abundance by sharing what you already have? For me, that's a big YES!

Whether that's what you've experienced in your life up until now or not, it can be from this point forward. Simply opening yourself to the possibility it works is the first step. Then the more you search your daily life for examples of how this plays out, your focus on the positive will make it increase.

You are unconsciously increasing whatever your thoughts are focused on anyway, so why not do it from a proactive place of deciding consciously what you want to increase in your life?

Share Your Abundance Today By Sharing...

  1. Your knowledge by helping someone do or learn something you're good at
  2. Your love by giving someone a hug or a compliment
  3. Your money by treating someone to a cup of coffee or something bigger 
  4. Your possessions by looking for something in your home you could part with that would benefit someone else
  5. Your happiness by sharing your smile

That's so easy, isn't it? Share more ways in the comments. It's another way of sharing your knowledge to increase the openings for abundance with everyone who reads this. Another way to share is by sharing this post with your social media friends so they can participate as well!

Living an ageless lifestyle after 50 comes from being fully open to the truth in your heart and your soul. Being that open to fully and passionately living your life puts you in a perfect space for this kind of sharing!

A Course In Miracles Quote on Sharing

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