How You Can Benefit From the Way I Discovered My Passion and Purpose

How You Can Benefit From the Way I Discovered My Passion and Purpose

This morning I was relaxing with a cup of tea on my rooftop patio watching the early morning golden sunlight reflect on the cruise ship pulling into the bay here in Cabo San Lucas.

You’ll see in light shining on the yacht and cruise ship in the photo I took with my phone for you.

I never get tired of this awe-inspiring view, and I’m very grateful to have it because it hasn’t always been this way.

After living here for almost a decade in the 90’s, my life changed in a heartbeat and a few months later I was back in the US for 12 years. I’ve been back in Cabo for 7 years this time.

In 2001 I started my business from my new home in Scottsdale, Az. I would have never imagined moving back to Cabo. That part of my life was over. And after a successful career of more than 3 decades in sales, I never wanted to be a manager or sales trainer again.

It was time for a new chapter in my life and I was glad to be alive.

I remember it as if it were yesterday; April 15th, 1999.

It was really warm spring morning. While everyone at the resort was heading to the pool or heading out to have fun doing an activity on their vacation, I was wearing a dress and heels, walking up the hill to go to work. I was alone, coming from the managers parking area. So, here I was in sunny Cabo San Lucas, and despite the beautiful location, I felt so miserable I thought I might vomit.

In fact, I went to work every day lately with a knot in my stomach. I had grown to hate my job even though I loved what I did and the money made it very difficult to walk away. It was so easy I could do it in my sleep. But, there was an aspect of my job that made it almost unbearable.

I didn’t feel like I had the right to quit, just because it was making me miserable. What kind of reason was that? I needed to suck it up because a whole lot of people would have been happy to have my job.

When my husband caught me trying to hide packets of money in the safe in the guest bedroom I knew I’d reached a new low. I was hiding money so he wouldn’t know how much I was making. But he walked in, asked me what I was doing and I had to tell him how I felt about my job. I wanted to quit. But I ended up making him a deal I’d do it for another year.

My heart sank. I felt defeated like I had sold my soul, and the worst part is I didn’t even care about the money. I wanted to be appreciated for my gifts and talents and the impact I was having. And that wasn’t going to happen when I was being undermined at every step by someone at work who was jealous and threatened by my results.

I realized that even though I was very good at creating my life, I hadn’t gone deep into unearthing what it was my soul really desired. I hadn’t ever even thought about that being a part of the process, until that moment.

Now I urgently needed to figure out how to get to that deeper place before it was too late.

It was critical because, just 3 weeks later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Coincidence? I don’t think so. I had been stuffing my feelings about the work situation for almost 6 months.

Now I was being challenged on 2 fronts. In less than a month, the life I had convinced myself was nearly perfect was quickly falling apart.

How could just one part of my job end up making me so unhappy it affected my health?

I think it’s like getting a pebble in the tire of your car. It’s just a small pebble, but if you drive with it in your tire long enough, your car will become out of alignment and will start to shake when you drive.

That’s kind of what happened with my life. Just one small portion of my life had the power to change everything. I needed to fix it.

I asked myself, “How do I reach the depths of my soul and talk to the real me? Who is she anyway, because this me is not as happy as everyone thinks.”

My health and my life depended on it.

This wasn’t easy because I was all alone in my searching, and now it had escalated to a new level. Creating a vision for my life, figuring out what I wanted my life to look like wasn’t going to be a leisurely hobby anymore.

I had to figure out a way to go much deeper to the core of my values and my soul’s desires to overcome cancer and everything that came with it. And I had to do it quick.

Since high school, I had been on a solitary journey of personal growth. It was a long and lonely road of trial and error.

Up until now, I’d always done a good job of creating a vision for my life when it came to designing the lifestyle I wanted to have. But now I realized that was just surface level. I had to create a process for a whole new plan, my soul’s plan.

The cancer diagnosis gave me a perfect reason to quit my job, and I made this journey of discovering who I really was and what my soul purpose was my full-time job. I was 100% focused and on a deadline.

I had no road map to model what my inner voice was telling me to do. It said, “Don’t go the traditional cancer route, and fix this myself.”

So once again, it was up to me to create a new path for myself.

And I did. The cancer was gone.

In dealing with cancer, my plan was mostly about self-care. I thought I had practiced good self-care in the past, but realized it was only superficial. I changed my diet even more. At the same time, I needed to create a new, deeper, soul-based life vision, not one to just make money and travel.

I needed to create a vision focused on who I really am, without all the masks I wore, and get clear on what’s important to me. To do that I looked at what I needed to clean up in my life.

I found there was forgiveness that hadn’t taken place. Forgiving myself and others was an important step. I took time to look at every area of my life clean house, so to speak.

All of this functioned together as a plan to get the cancer out of my body and to shift my perspective on my life to allow for something deeper and more real to be created in its place.

Now it was time for me to start a completely new life, back in the U.S. doing what made my soul sing…whatever that turned out to be. 🙂

In 2001 my passion and purpose found it’s outlet and I began my business.

It had taken more than a year, and over 1,000 hours of introspection and going deeper and deeper to discover and prepare myself for living my purpose. That was the way I found my passion and purpose.

My new mission became to use my passion for personal growth, spirituality and winning business systems to create my own business helping soul-based entrepreneurs like me. I created systems and processes that greatly shortened the learning curve for others, to save them from the lengthy and lonely trial and error path I had taken.

I had fabulous (and expensive) mentors to get my business up and running quickly. It made me wonder how much faster I could have figured out who I really was and what my values and real passions were if I would have had that same kind of support?

I was determined to be that mentor and guide for others who wanted to consciously create their lives.

That’s why in 2003 I created How to Create a Vision for Your Life. The course was so powerful it became a foundational piece of my private mentoring program.

And now it’s time to make it available again to you. I will personally work with you as we create an ageless vision for your life.

In this Master Course, we will:

  • Set the foundation of your vision so you’ll be in charge of your life
  • Uncover who you really are by understanding the masks you wear
  • Dive into how you can be truly happy with your life
  • Discover your passion and life purpose and get the confidence to express it
  • Find out how to turn emptiness into fulfillment, forgive yourself and be the person you’ve always wanted to be
  • Wrap it all up with how you will contribute to the world

I will be right there working alongside you, holding your hand each step of the way in the 6 interactive sessions as well as making myself available to you by private email and Facebook messenger during the course and for 30 days afterward.

We’ll have weekly Q & A sessions, and you’ll receive weekly recorded meditations that serve as a spiritual treatment to ingrain what you learned about your true self that week.

You’ll also receive 2 gifts to support the vision you create.

Both of these gifts will support you moving forward with your life and business vision after you’ve completed the course.

The first gift is Ageless Lifestyle Guide to Goal Setting and Achieving

The truth is most goals that are set aren’t achieved and I believe it’s because of some fundamental errors in the way we are set up to choose and define our goals.There is a more real, honest, and connected way to do it.

The second gift is an All Access Pass to the Ageless Life and Business Telesummit

You’ll get the audios and my personal notes on each of 21 sessions with top women entrepreneurs over 50. You’ll also receive some additional bonuses there.

You don’t get to your age without things happening in your life. We all have those speed bumps and some are larger than others.What you’ll learn from these amazing role models is that you can get out of bed anyway and make things happen. Instead of dreaming about the life or business you’d like to have someday, you’ll hear exactly how these women have built their lives and businesses.

I’ve learned so much since I first created the systems and processes we used in this course in 2003, and it changed lives then. Now I’ve incorporated everything I’ve learned that will make your experience of the New Master Course deeper and more powerful.   

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, I know you can feel it now. Get my brand new free success action guide on how to turn your dreams into reality here and get the full details on how you can participate in the Master Course.

How You Can Benefit From the Way I Discovered My Passion and Purpose

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