How to Choose Outdoor Lighting for a Beautiful Space

How to Choose Outdoor Lighting for a Beautiful Space

Once upon a time outdoor lighting was used simply for security. No more. Learning how to choose outdoor lighting for a beautiful space can do more than protect your home. Outdoor lighting can be used to enhance the beauty and appeal of the house itself as well as the landscaping.

There are different reasons for choosing each type of outdoor lighting and, depending upon what you want to achieve with it. You can see 19 different types of DIY lighting here.

To add ambiance to a deck or patio, think about the beauty of white Christmas-like lights being strung on trees or through a gazebo or archway. Chinese paper lanterns can adorn add a soft glow.

Accent lighting can be used to draw attention to a particular architectural feature of your home or landscape. Perhaps you have a beautiful flower garden you want to be able to enjoy even during the night-time hours.

Consider using solar-powered lighting. There are multitudes of styles available. These lights enable you to add lights where you want them without having to dig up your yard too much to install them. An added benefit of using solar-powered lighting is that it doesn’t add to your electrical bill each month.

When you think about how lighting effects your life, choosing outdoor lighting effectively can have major benefits. Not only can lighting be used for security but it can also be used to create a particular mood.

Martha Stewart has some very creative ways of doing outdoor lighting. You can check out 31 of her lighting ideas here.

If you want to really have a beautiful outdoor living space you need to learn how to choose outdoor lighting. It’s a great way to have your home reflect your ageless lifestyle after 50.

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