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Do You Have a Home Sanctuary?

Do you believe the popular theory that your home should be your sanctuary? Well, if you don’t live alone that may be a tall order. Do you have a room that’s yours, one that gives you the feeling of peace and comfort?

For me, I came back to live in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico from the States with what would fit in a small SUV and an even smaller 5 foot trailer towed behind. I brought way too many boxes of stuff from my office that I don’t use. What I miss most is my photo albums and my health and nutrition library.

I did bring pillows from my sofa that’s in storage in the US, a few paintings and a couple sofa throws that belonged to my dogs. And I brought my bedroom lamp. Just a few things that make me feel grounded and at home. The most important thing for me is the things that remind me of my dogs. 

My go to spot has always been outside and ever since I got this little patio set as a Christmas gift from my parents, this has always anchored my sanctuary. It's an emotional attachment. Just a few feet away in either direct from this spot I had high end outdoor living room furniture and lounge chairs. And yet this was the spot. Each time I moved this was my chair for meditation. And at the end when it was just me and Spike, I would sit in one chair and he would sit in the other.

San Diego Beach House Patio Spike on patio ottoman

I tried my best to figure out a way to bring it down to Cabo with me and it just wasn't going to fit. Right now it's at my brother's house for safe keeping. Now that Spike is gone too, I'd be happy to just have this one cushion. 

Tell me about your room and feel free to share photos on our Facebook page by liking the page on the right of this post. What don't you have with you now that you'd like to have?

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