Are you free falling in life and business

Are You Free Falling in Your Life and Business? Here Is What You Can Do

If you aren’t free-falling, should you be? What does it mean to be free falling in your life and business anyway?

I started thinking about it last night while I was watching the top 12 singers on The Voice. Yes, I know, I’m a few episodes behind.

Troy Ramey, who sang the Tom Petty song, Free Fallin, said he wanted to sing that song because free falling was what he had been doing since he started on the show.

I thought about it for a second and it seems to me that it should be that way.

Why you want to be free falling in your life and business

You have to be willing to fully let go of everything that has taken you to where you are if you want to go to the next level. The knowledge and beliefs you currently hold have taken you to where you are now, but unless your knowledge and beliefs are upleveling, they won’t take you any further.

It’s preventing you from just blowing the top off and exploding your business or reaching your personal goals.

Yet so many of us hold on so tightly, afraid of what will happen if we are less than perfect every step of the way. On The Voice, those are the technically perfect singers who are eliminated because they can’t let go of perfection to connect emotionally.

I had a mentoring session with a brilliant entrepreneur a few hours earlier and I had laid out for her a worst case, best case scenario for an opportunity she was trying to postpone. Even thought this is a great opportunity for her when it actually showed up, her first response was to put it off as long as possible because she’s not ready.

What makes us freeze is different for everyone.

We each have our own stories in our heads. They are the belief systems that don’t let us put ourselves out there.

It’s really a shame, but it’s not unusual.

Nobody’s success moves up in a straight line, personally or professionally. We all hit a sticking point somewhere. It’s that place where a belief tells us to stop or slow down, something bad will happen if we go further.

And yet to be happy, to live an ageless life and build an ageless business, we have to push it aside and move ahead anyway.

When you let yourself free fall, trusting that you are being divinely guided, it feels so good to be sitting on the other side of whatever was trying to keep you stuck. Rather than playing it safe, you swung for the fences.Leaping taking a chance

It’s not even important how far you went. It only matters that you didn’t let fear, or playing it safe, keep you from taking that leap.

The confidence and clarity to do that come from the progression of trusting yourself and knowing yourself on an ever-deepening level.

The tools that can help you do that are creating your personal manifesto, doing the daily lessons in Change One Thing, Change Your Life and setting the clearest most grounded in truth goals you cans set, by using the Ageless Lifestyle Guide to Goal Setting and Achieving.

It’s a 3 step process that will give you clarity and make you brave. Once you have these processes in place you will be unstoppable because you’ll know exactly why you are doing everything you do.

That alignment within yourself will take you places you can’t even imagine. You’ll feel comfortable letting go and free falling in your life and business.

Are you free falling in life and business

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