How Fear of Change Sabotages Your Life and Business

How Fear of Change Sabotages Your Life and Business

Is it possible that a fear of change is preventing your life and business from being everything you’d like it to be right now?

For the vast majority of people the answer is definitely yes. And the worst part is they probably have no idea that fear of change is what is holding them back.

Why do people have a fear of change?

Only a small percentage of people have their brain wired in a way that they actually enjoy changing and growing. They are the people that make things happen, the ones with the big new ideas.

Even within that group, there are likely areas in their lives where fear of the unknown takes over and they refuse to change patterns that no longer serve them.

In reality, people don’t change until the pain of the current situation is too much to handle. Then they will stick a toe outside their comfort zone and see what it would look and feel like if that situation shifted.

Last night I was having dinner with a friend and he had a huge bowl of spanish rice is the fridge. In my mind, I flashed back to being 18 years old and living in an apartment with 2 other girls. We didn’t have much money so we ate budget meals like spaghetti casserole and tater tot casserole.

Then I started wondering how many people really make a dramatic shift away from what they used to eat?

Is there a time when we question each area of our lives to see if what we have been doing is still the best possible way for use to live that part of our life or business?

I would say that happened rarely, except for those who have embraced change, and then it happens regularly. The visionaries in life don’t fear change because they have put their toe outside the comfort zone enough times that they no there is nothing to fear. Now they can easily leap into the pure potential of the future they choose to create.

All you need to do is change one thing.

Just changing one thing, one small thing will give you the evidence your brain needs to feel safe trying to venture outside the box more. One little shift, that’s it.

[Tweet “Remember, small shifts create big changes in the joy and peace you experience in your life.”]

It’s true that you can change one thing and change your life.  Every time you make a shift it changes the trajectory of the path you’re on…and your life changes.

It doesn’t have to be big or scary.

You just have to say yes one time and give it a shot.

Give yourself that gift and see if it’s true for you.

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How Fear of Change Sabotages Your Life and Business

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