Beautiful at any age

Who Else Wants to Be Beautiful at Any Age?

Leading an ageless lifestyle encompasses several things. It requires you to have an ageless spirit, an ageless mind and a healthy ageless body. I believe those things together comprise being ageless. And when you are healthy, vibrant, intelligent, positive and interested in life, you have a glow about you that makes you beautiful.

This is true regardless if you are a woman or a man. Yes I know we don’t usually talk about beauty when speaking about men. Men, as well as women who live the ageless lifestyle are recognizable by the inner glow you see oozing out of them in photos or in person.

This beauty is a sense of well-being that permeates every part of your life. And it’s not difficult. Just follow the practices of living an ageless lifestyle after 50. The first place to start is by creating your own personal manifesto. You can get a free guide on exactly how to create this foundational document for your life by clicking here.

Women are especially judged harshly after 50 when it comes to beauty in a traditional sense. Women that use Botox, fillers, or have a little nip tuck are publicly judged for their vanity and lack of self-esteem to age naturally.  While on the other hand women who choose not to go that route are judged as getting old, letting themselves go and also, not having the self-esteem to keep themselves up!

I hope you see the irony in this. Women are judged either way and self-esteem seems to be an easy target. Men, don’t get publicly judged in the same way.

So  where do you stand on this?

Are you feeling pressure to go one way or the other? Where is the pressure coming from? Is it vanity, family and friends, worries about being too old in the workplace? Is media putting pressure on you?

Or are you already on the ageless lifestyle after 50 program and you could care less what anyone else says and you’re completely comfortable with your appearance and your choices?

What made this topic come up for me today was running across this slideshow online: The 50 Most Beautiful Women Over 50

I was curious so I clicked through to see what beauty over 50 looked like to them. What I noticed was that there was a broad cross section of women, not all 50 or 51 years old. At the same time, they were all celebrities who have access to the finest skincare and treatments, along with the best plastic surgeons.

While some of these women have clearly had ‘work done’, others have a natural look.  Now I’m curious what your preference is, or what path you have chosen and why.

For me, my opinion has flip flopped a couple times over the last 10 years. The one thing I haven’t every considered is putting chemicals in my body or going under the knife, so that leaves out Botox, fillers and surgery for me. But I’m certainly open to natural ways of looking younger. How about you?

Beautiful at any age

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