The Easy Way to Get Over Your Weight Loss Plateau

The Easy Way to Get Over Your Weight Loss Plateau

Saturday I was talking to one of my private clients who mentioned that his mother was really struggling with losing just a few pounds and couldn’t figure out why when she had been doing so well.

I thought I’d share with you the 3 steps I suggested his mom take to get back on track with her weight loss. This really is the easy way to get over your weight loss plateau.

Lorraine is a petite woman in her mid-80’s.

To lose weight she is riding a stationary bike for 45 minutes a day. She has cut out alcohol and is eating ‘like a bird’. Everything started out great. She lost 3 pounds and then nothing.

She is still following the same routine and can’t figure out why she can’t drop any more weight.


First, your body gets used to the same exercise routine, so mix it up. Walk, dance, swim, or at least break up your bike riding into 2 or 3 times a day. Here are 6 workouts to overcome weight loss plateaus.

You will still get a benefit from just exercising a few times for 10 minutes each.

Food Diary

Keep a food diary for a week. Write down everything you eat and drink and at what time. Also, write down how you are feeling emotionally when you eat.

Try to focus on eating rather than multi-tasking so you can appreciate your food, eat slower, and recognize when you are getting full.

Stop eating when you feel about 80% full. Within an hour you will feel 100% full.

Your mind plays tricks on you when it comes to the reality of what you eat, so the food diary helps you really see what you eat and how much.

Eat More Food

Eating like a bird is never a good idea for weight loss. Your body will think you are trying to starve it and slow your metabolism to compensate.

The first thing I suggested she do was pig out today at lunch and an early dinner. You need to signal to your body you’re not trying to starve it. Have more calories and more fat. Unless there is a medical reason for not eating carbs, eat some carbs you love. Sunday is always a great day to do this.

That doesn’t mean a gallon of ice cream or a whole cheesecake.

I would expect to hear back that this gets her back losing weight again very quickly.

What questions do you have about creating or maintaining a healthy ageless body?

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The Easy Way to Get Over Your Weight Loss Plateau

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