Dragon Fruit Flavored Water

What is Dragon Fruit, How to Prepare Dragon Fruit for a Dragon Fruit Flavored Water Recipe

Dragon fruit may be one of those fruits you’ve never even heard of, but you’ll want to get familiar with it. It’s good for everything from your heart to your bones, and helping your skin look younger.

This dragon fruit flavored water recipe is packed with high nutritional value along with good taste.

In the video below, I tell you what the dragon fruit tastes like and how to cut it. I’ve also added an infographic here that shows how to prepare dragon fruit.

It also has an interesting story of where it comes from and how the fruit is formed that I share in the video.

This particular flavored water has cucumber and basil as well. It has a soft, slightly sweet taste.

You can eat the fruit from the water when it’s in your glass to get all the nutritional benefits of the dragon fruit flavored water.

Cucumber is one of those fruits that has a very high water content, so it’s very hydrating itself.

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Here’s a graphic with the health benefits of dragon fruit, which is known as pitaya, and in Mexico it’s pitahaya. There are so many health benefits to this exotic fruit that it’s now being added to the list of super fruits.

Dragon fruit benefits

And you’ll also see it’s finding its way into your grocery store in many different items, including flavored alcohol.

It’s important to remember to cut off any pink parts of the fruit. The skin is not meant to be eaten. You’ll see the beautiful white and black fruit that can easily be made into cubes. It is also often scooped with a melon baller to add to drinks, salads or served as a dessert.
This graphic shows you how to prepare it.
How to cut dragon fruit
I also made another flavored water a couple days later with Dragon fruit, strawberry, mango, and mint.
Strawberry Mango Dragon Fruit Flavored Water
Flavored waters are a great way to use extra fruit you have left over from other days.

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