The joy of knowing your life passion

Would You Like to Discover Your Passion?

After turning 50 it's not unusual to start asking yourself if there's something more. Is there something that's truly your life passion? Yes, there is an underlying passion you just haven't uncovered yet. As soon as you bring your life's passion to the forefront, you can live your passion daily and create a joy-filled ageless lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Your passion fuels the manifestation of your dreams. You need a passion that will drive you to personal growth, and business success, if you're still working.

Do you have an idea what your passion in life might be or are you still looking? Many times people are already living their passion and they don’t recognize it because you're expecting it to be something huge and earth shattering.

On the other hand, you may think you're doing exactly what you are meant to do, only to find there’s something else that calls to you more powerfully.

Whether you’re looking to discover your passion or looking to confirm it, the following questions will get you started. Write each question on its own sheet of paper, so you'll have ample room to add brainstorming ideas.

Ask Yourself These Important Questions Now

  • What really excites you in your life?

  • What do you do that gives you so much pleasure you that, before you know it, several hours have passed like minutes?

  • What topics do you read about or see in the media that get you fired-up?

  • What do you love doing so much you're always helping friends and family with it?

  • What are you so good at that you're always being asked for your help or advice?

Many people wonder, ‘How do I know what my passion is?’ ‘How do I know this is my life purpose?’ Now you can put your passion to the test. Here are seven criteria for recognizing your passion and purpose. You’ll want to write these down in a place that you can refer to often.

Seven Personal Success Indicators for Recognizing Your Passion and Purpose

Personal Success Indicator #1: What you do makes you feel good about yourself

Personal Success Indicator #2: You would do it for free

Personal Success Indicator #3: You lose all track of time when you do it

Personal Success Indicator #4: You love to talk about it to anyone who will listen

Personal Success Indicator #5: You are happy to teach it to others

Personal Success Indicator #6: If this were how you spent all of your time, it would be a good thing

Personal Success Indicator #7: It makes you want to get out of bed in the morning

This simple process to identify your passion and your life purpose will help you become clear so you’re not creating a life or a business centered around a subject you’re going to get sick of in a few months.

Unfortunately, that occurs more often than you’d think. Misdiagnosed passion happens to many people. Using the questions to get you thinking freely and then the success indicators to confirm it will prevent this from happening to you. If you can say ‘yes’ to all seven indicators, then you’ve verified that you’re passionate about the subject.

If you're looking at building a business around your passion and your score is less than 7, you're still off target a little bit and you need to do some refining by taking yourself deeper into the process.

So, what do you do once you’ve uncovered your passion?

The first step is to start visualizing your desired end result. What does the picture in your mind look like of how you will live this passion? Many people share the same passion and purpose, yet each one approaches it differently and contributes their own unique talents to it.

You just need to clear your mind, ask the questions, and give yourself creative space. Start identifying your own passion and purpose by putting this process in motion for your personal success.

If you need help, I'm always here for you!

The first step is to create the foundational document for your life, your Personal Manifesto. If you haven’t completed this document yet, click here to get your free copy of the special report which walks you through the process and gives you a template to use for creating your own personal manifesto.

Then you can move naturally into the next step of creating and achieving the goals you’ve set in the recognition of what you choose to manifest as your divine soul purpose.Click here for help with your goals. It’s all part of allowing your ageless mind to successfully manifest the ageless lifestyle you choose to create through living your life’s purpose.

If you need help creating your blueprint, I’m here for you.

If you don’t know your desired result today, click here to be put on the wait list to be notified of the next start date of my 6 week class, “How to Create a Vision for Your Life”.

For now, it’s enough to declare that you want something better. In the class we will go through this personal inventory in detail and I will help you get clear on exactly what you want your life to look like.

Look at what’s going on in your life and if the way you are living and the things you have attracted into your life are still working for you.

If you are growing, you’re constantly changing and you need to stay on top of your progress by having a step-by-step process for tracking where you are in your life and where you are going. Once you know where you want to go, the people and resources you needed will appear according to the level of commitment you have to make it manifest.

Until next time, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Just comment below.

If you would like personal mentoring, send me an email using the form on the contact tab above detailing what you would like help with. As your mentor I hold a bigger vision for you than you hold for yourself. When you have faith and a team that believes in you, it gives you courage. When you don’t have to do it all yourself, all things are possible for you. Commit today to go for your dream 100%.

Discover Your Passion After 50

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