Creating a vision for your life

What Does It Mean to Create a Vision for Your Life?

We create mini-visions all the time. It could be that you create a vision for a day or a particular event. To do this you think, make decisions, map it out and create an action plan. But what does it mean to create a vision for your life?

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When you create those mini-visions, they are really short term goals that you’ve visualized.

Creating a vision for your life and business is different. It requires more preparation, introspection, and willingness to be honest with yourself.

It goes way beyond goal setting.

Many people have a vision that actually prevents them from creating their dream life. Whether you create your vision consciously or not, one is playing out every second of your life. It’s based on your unconscious self-talk in alignment with your energy.

Why is it that some people have mastered their health and wellness, and yet not their fitness?

Why is it that some people have a great spiritual practice and a positive mindset and yet struggle in their business?

Some people have a thriving business and unsuccessful relationships.

The quality of the vision you hold for specific aspects of your life vary. They are the outgrowth of the stories we tell ourselves. Some of those stories are ones you’ve held on to for decades without ever re-examining to see if they are still true for you.

You will create a vision for your life, differently for each area of your life

Empowering or unempowering. You always have a choice of the story you tell and the vision you create.

It’s never too late to rewrite your script.

Life mirrors what you believe you deserve. That’s what your vision creates.

The question is, have you created an inspiring vision?

5, 10 or 20 years from now you’ll be more disappointed by things you didn’t do than those that didn’t turn out perfect.

It’s not about a perfect vision or a perfect life.

It’s about one that’s uniquely yours. It’s about creating a vision for your life that’s as quirky as you are. One that allows you to be happy and fully express yourself.

Hear the whole conversation in the video.

Whether you need to create a vision for your life in terms of having an ageless body or you need a serious upgrade in how you are creating your goals, start moving toward creating your life today.

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Creating a vision for your life

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