Crane Beach Hotel Barbados

Crane Beach Hotel Barbados: Your Perfect Caribbean Vacation?

Crane Beach Hotel Barbados is the perfect spot for those with an ageless lifestyle after 50 to take a great, high end beach vacation. It's been one of my favorite Caribbean getaways since I first was there in the mid-80's! The Caribbean's first resort hotel, it has been open since 1887, with updates of course.

So when I saw a Facebook post from JetSetter that they were running a special at this fabulous spot, I had to share it with you. Click here to check it out. This is a high end spot so you can expect to see others who share your ageless lifestyle after 50.

Travel and Leisure Magazine did a cover story on the hotel back in 2008. You can read the article here. The article talks about the re-birth of Barbados as a great vacation spot.

The strangest thing is when I went to Google images to see if I could find the cover image, 6 of the 1st 10 Google images were my photos. It especially freaked me out to find this pic of my feet there! There's no mistaking your own feet, is there? Too funny.​

My feet Crane Beach Hotel Barbados

There's so many things to do on this island including the usual water sports and lounging in the sun. Trip Advisor is a must check for me when I'm traveling so here's where you'll find their reviews.

One of the things I love is their beach. In my opinion, having traveled beaches around the world and living on the beach in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, this is one of the finest beaches. 

take a look for yourself. I took this pic from the pool up on the cliff where the hotel is located. Back in 2005 there was a really old long spiral staircase down to the beach that was part of the hotel's charm.​

Crane Beach Hotel Barbados beach

If you decide to go, come back and let me know how you enjoyed it. Travel is my #1 pleasure in life so I love to hear about your trips too!

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