Change One Thing Change Your Life on Sale 50% Off

Change One Thing, Change Your Life on Sale 50% Off

Change One Thing, Change Your Life save 50% on this flagship 40-day personal transformation system!

Regular $97, now just $47!

And as a bonus, when the newly updated version is ready, I’ll send it to you for free. I’m doing a new cover, updating the formatting and creating a separate journal to make it easier for you to go through the 40 days as often as you choose.

In quick daily lessons, small shifts create big changes in the joy and peace you experience in your life and the growth and ease of your business.

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With this transformation system, in as little as 40 days you’ll shift your perception of who you are, your relationship to others, to your body, to money and even your career. You could see any area of your life you’d like to up-level change dramatically in no time at all.

Simply follow these easy to use 40 daily lessons. This is the program I consider to be a foundational step in personal growth and transformation in your life and business. In fact, I continually cycle through the 40 days of lessons. I wrote it and I’ve continued to do the lessons for over 15 years now. It just continues to deepen your growth!

Those who use this program as part of their daily spiritual work have manifested more clients, increased income, transformed their bodies, and created new love relationships-some almost immediately after writing it as part of daily lesson!

What do you want to manifest that seems to be just outside your reach?

Let Change One Thing, Change Your Life literally take you by the hand to create the life of your dreams, starting today.

It’s a PDF so you can get started today with your first lesson.

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