8 Food Tips to Help You Lose Weight This Week

Can’t Lose Weight? 8 Food Tips to Help You Lose Weight This Week

If you can’t lose weight easily you don’t have to eat less. You have to eat fewer empty calories and make better food choices. The 8 food tips to help you lose weight this week are rules to live by all year around to keep the weight off once you reach your goal. Who says you can’t lose weight?

This is not a diet plan. These simple tips are super easy to implement. By following these tips you could notice a weight loss in a matter of days. The fact is some foods are more satisfying, make you feel full longer, have better nutrients, raise your metabolism and get rid of those cravings.

One hint, drinking more water makes a huge difference. The more water-rich foods you eat, the better.
Here’s a list of water-rich foods.

These 8 tips help when you can’t lose weight

Drink More Water

You can’t overeat when your stomach is full of water. By always having a glass of water or tea that you are continually sipping, you will find you are feeling full much longer. If you drink enough you will actually feel stuffed!

Flavored detox water is an easy way of getting a variety of flavors instead of drinking plain water.

Eat Foods That Are Satisfying

Dark Chocolate is satisfying. Milk chocolate is full of sugar and fat, not healthy and not satisfying. It will take your energy up with the sugar and then you will crash and be looking for something to satisfy the urge you still have to eat.

Rich, gooey foods that look and feel decadent are good choices as a small bite. The reason is you will feel satisfied because of the richness, sugar, and fat. If it’s served in small bites, you will eat less. Something more decadent, like a dark chocolate truffle, is better because it’s so rich you’ll only eat one. Think about it, what other desserts would you eat a small piece of and not be looking for more? Possibly a small bite cheesecake or fruit tart?

Sneak In Some Veggies

Make a smoothie with fruit and veggies. Fresh spinach is one of those veggies you won’t even taste when blended with fruit. Here’s a great recipe for a tropical green smoothie.

Add pureed cauliflower to soup instead of milk to make it creamy. You can do the same thing in mashed potatoes. You can also sneak it into mac and cheese.

Bulk Up Your Snacks

Instead of just having an apple or banana for a snack, and some fat and protein to it. It will be more satisfying and also keep you full longer.

Dip in or spread on some peanut butter or almond butter, sprinkle with some nuts, fresh coconut, some cinnamon or nutmeg.

These apple nachos make a great healthy snack or dessert.

Change Your Condiments

Ditch the grocery store ketchup that’s nothing more than tomato flavored high fructose corn syrup (bad sugar) and salt. Did you know there are 4 grams of sugar in every teaspoon? And who uses just 1 teaspoon of ketchup? It’s so simple to make your own if you can’t live without it.

What about switching red pepper hummus for ketchup?

No more high-calorie mayonnaise. It’s bad news. Instead, switch to the good fats and high flavor you get along with creaminess from an avocado. You can either use slices or mash it. Avocados are full of good nutrients and the fat will help you stay full longer.

Eat Coconut Oil

Find a way to add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to your food daily and you will feel more satisfied, stay full longer and coconut oil has been proven to raise your metabolism and help you lose weight.

Drink Wine or Beer

Concentrate on the quality of the flavor. Drink a good wine or a great micro-brewery beer. Beer makes you fill up faster so you will drink fewer calories than you will with mixed drinks. Wine is easier to sip than mixed drinks which tend to go down like water, especially when served with a straw.

Mixed drinks often have more than one shot, so there are extra calories there, and then you add the soda or fruit juices and a ton of sugar calories you really don’t need.

Final Tip

Don’t drink soda at all, ever. That is always the worst choice of beverage.

When you think you can’t lose weight, these 8 food tips to help you lose weight this week are a great start to get you on the path to an ageless body by choosing healthy food. Need more tips or substitution suggestions? Just ask me.

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8 Food Tips to Help You Lose Weight This Week

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