A Business Lesson to Attract Raving Fans to Your Ageless Business

A Business Lesson to Attract Raving Fans to Your Ageless Business

Do you know how to attract raving fans to your ageless business?

Let me tell you about a chef from Italy, living in Mexico who certainly does. And he created his business success against all odds as a late comer to the restaurant business, in a very overcrowded market, here in Cabo San Lucas.

Thursday I went to dinner with friends. I don’t go out to dinner all that often because of the way I eat and the fact that I like to cook. So when this couple came back to their home in Cabo, their first question was where should we go to dinner that we haven’t been before? I was expecting them to say they wanted to go back to the place I took them to last year.

We all get into routines of where we go for dinner, don’t we? You have that handful of places you rotate between.

Anyway, I knew exactly where I wanted to take them.

Success on the surface and real success tactics

Everyone I have taken to this restaurant loves it. The food is fabulous. The chef is a handsome, warm and friendly man from Milan who talks to each table. The prices are very reasonable, and the restaurant is small and homey, not a tourist trap.

For all of these reasons, every time I take someone there, they tell the chef on the way out that they will bring other friends there and they always do.

This chef has built an authentic business around who he really is and what he believes about food, ingredients, how food should be prepared, as well as great recipes.

People feel the authenticity and his business is doing very well in a town with a ton of great Italian restaurants with a long history and reputations.

So what made this chef think that he could come her and make a go of it. It’s not unique for someone from Italy to move here and open a restaurant. In fact, that’s the story of most of the Italian places here.

Many people would have thought there were already too many Italian restaurants in town. Why open another when so many have failed?

Why is your business different?

But, just like this chef, if you have something unique about how you do what you do that sets you apart from the competition, there is always room for you in the marketplace. You just have to find a way for your voice to be heard.

And you have to have the conviction to stick with it and do the work to make your voice heard.

Luigi has developed a group of raving fans that continue to bring him more business because they love what he offers and trust their friends will enjoy the same experience.

Isn’t that what we all want in our business?

You can attract raving fans to your ageless business

Marketers say that if you have 1000 raving fans you will have a million dollar business.

It all starts with showing a small group of people what it is that you can do for them and why they should choose you.

Luigi does that with his passion and his food. He goes to the tables and talks to his guests. He tells them why he chooses the ingredients that he does and what makes his recipes different.

Before he delivers his product, the food, you’ve already been convinced by the conversation that this is going to be something special. You are anticipating a great meal.

When the food arrives, it’s just a confirmation of the belief you already have. You have a great meal. You agree with him that the reasons why it’s different are important.

Now you go out and tell other people because you want to share the experience. Luigi has enrolled you in his mission.

Are you customers and clients enrolled in your mission?

If you follow the example of Luigi they will be.

Oh, one more thing. I bet Luigi was very clear on his values, what was important to him, and his goals. And I bet he had a system for achieving them. Do you? Get yours here.

A Business Lesson to Attract Raving Fans to Your Ageless Business

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