Lynn Pierce Cancer Story on Success Blueprint Radio

My Breast Cancer Reality on Success Blueprint Radio

This radio show is a rebroadcast from my October 27, 2009 radio show. I'm posting this entire cancer section on my personal story in response to requests on my Facebook page.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999. I chose to deal with it in my own way rather than using Western medicine.

Over the years I have written about it in books, and every October in my blog here and also on my book blog. This year there have been more than the usual number of people asking me to speak about it, so I've decided to do it once, and do it on my radio show.

On this very special show, host Lynn Pierce (me) will share her breast cancer diagnosis and the full story of how she became cancer free with non-traditional medical therapies*.

This is the radio show player right below this. Just click on the play arrow to play the show.

Popular Women Internet Radio with Lynn Pierce on BlogTalkRadio

I have asked Dr. Fern Kazlow to conduct this interview from her perspective as a clinical psychotherapist and a pioneer in the mind-body-spirit connection to draw out the most useful information for those of you who are currently dealing with breast cancer or know someone who is. Dr Fern Kazlow is a New York licensed clinical psychotherapist and business and branding consultant. A pioneer in the mind-body-spirit connection, she opened Integrative Therapy, one of the first holistic health centers, in New York City in 1981.

 *Lynn Pierce is not a doctor and is sharing her own personal story, beliefs and the path she chose. You are encouraged to take this as the personal story it is and to consult with your physician before trying anything you hear described on this call.

Lynn Pierce Cancer Story on Success Blueprint Radio

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