Walking for Fitness and an Ageless Body

The Basics of Walking for Fitness and an Ageless Body

Everyone needs to exercise and a little bit goes a longer way than you might think. One step leads to another and that leads to more energy and better health. An essential part of building an ageless lifestyle after 50 is having an ageless body. And that means some kind of physical activity.

If you’re starting to walk during the hot part of the year, here’s a short video for ideas on how to continue walking when it’s hot out without overheating.

Starting a walking exercising program is like any other form of exercise. You have to work your way up to your goal. Every exercise involves using different muscles and joints you normally wouldn’t use.  When you first start your new program, you won’t see a difference right away in how you feel. You may think it was too easy. But wait until you get up the next day and you could be very sore.

It takes awhile for the soreness to set in so start out slowly and work your way up to in time, speed and incline to keep from getting too sore and stiff.  If you feel sore and stiff, you’ll be putting your plans on hold for a couple days so you can do it again. You want to feel the exercise working but you don’t want to hurt.

5 Steps to Healthy Walking Fitness:

  1. Get a good pair of walking shoes
  2. Decide what days your going to walk
  3. Make a plan with a goal to give yourself something to work toward
  4. Get going and start walking
  5. Start a journal to record each day’s workout and your feelings

Before starting any exercise program, if you have any health problems you may want to check with your doctor.

Exercise, and especially walking, is beneficial to you in several ways.  It can help prevent many diseases including heart disease and cancer.  You’re never too old to start walking for fitness and health. It’s a vital component of having an ageless body.

Writing a journal is a fun way to stay motivated. Record how your walking went; time, distance and how you felt afterward. As time goes on you can look back and see how much progress you’ve made.

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Make sure you have a good pair of walking shoes to fit your particular feet and the weather you’ll be walking in. If it is slippery make sure they are waterproof and have good tread to help prevent injuries from falling. And a good fit ensures blister won’t prevent you from continued walking.

Set a time of day and on what days of the week you are going to walk. You may need to change your schedule around to make time for walking daily. Even if you start out with 5-10 minutes, your goal could be to work up to 30-60 minutes depending on what your body can handle.

You’re all set to start your plan slow and work up to your goal pushing yourself a little bit further each day. Don’t expect to reach your goal the first week because it may be too hard on your muscles and joints if you haven’t been doing any walking. You want to enjoy yourself and not be in pain.

Go for it and enjoy your new experience.

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