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Be the Architect of the Rituals of Your Day and Free Your Mind of Minutia

By having a morning ritual in your life it not only keeps you organized but also frees your brain for more important things than the minutia of your day to day life. To live an ageless lifestyle, and create an ageless business, it’s important that you learn to be the architect of the rituals of your day.

Do you have a ritual or routine of what you do when you wake up every day? Or do you have to think about every little thing to remind yourself not to forget something important?

How morning rituals simplify your life

Rituals simplify your life and rather than constraining you, they give you freedom.

You’d be surprised how much little stuff you have open, constantly running in the background of your life. These are the loops you never close, the never-ending details you haven’t organized into a routine and they are stressing you out, big time!

Whether it’s what time to get up, whether you have time for meditation today, when will you fit in your workout, what to wear, what to have for breakfast, should a pack a lunch, what do I have to even make a lunch, do I have errands to run…it never ends.

It contributes to massive amounts of unidentified stress and also zaps your energy so you’re always tired for no apparent reason.

You need structure to give yourself freedom. You need to architect your day by creating rituals.

Rituals take care of all the little things that are constants in your life so you can delete them from your to-do list permanently.

One of the reasons you have trouble creating new healthy habits is because you leave everything up in the air, you have no rituals in place to ground your lifestyle.

What is your morning routine?

What time is it when you get up?

What’s the first thing you do?

When do you meditate?

When do you exercise?

When do you get dressed?

When do you make breakfast?

Most people do the same exact things every morning, but the don’t have a routine. So they are always scattered and running around in a hurry.

With pets or kids, it’s even more important to have rituals because your list of tasks is longer

Look at this sample ritual:

5:30 Meditate

6:00 Oil pulling for 20 minutes. Boil water for tea and prepare everything that goes in the teapot and get the tea steeping in that 20 minutes.

6:20 Shower

6:30 Walk the dog

6:45 Feed the dog, pour a cup of tea

6:50 Do yoga

7:10 Have tea and do spiritual reading

7:30 Check email, social media and connect with friends online

8:00 Make breakfast and start work day

Now make your own morning ritual of your day

The only variables are what to wear when you walk the dog, what goes in the tea today and what’s for breakfast.

If you work outside the home, what to wear to work and what to eat for lunch would also be part of your morning ritual.

Do you see how systematizing your pre-work morning hours can make your day start with a relaxed flow of knowing exactly what’s going to happen?

Simplify what you wear

It also helps to simplify things further when you realize you probably wear the same few things at home on a daily basis. So pick something and put it out before you go to bed, or if it’s after work clothes when you get up in the morning. I wear the same clothes to walk the dog for the whole week. I just grab them from the place in the closet I set them and put them on. You don’t even need to be fully awake to do that, and you certainly don’t need to think about it.

You probably have a couple things you like to eat most days for breakfast. Narrow it down to 2-3 choices. Now you know that if you had a green drink today, tomorrow you will have yogurt with berries and the next day a tropical fruit salad. Then you start over again. It’s easy to keep track of and again, not too much thinking.

It’s the same for the clothes you like to wear, the simpler the better. I wear shorts and a tank top. In the winter I may wear sweats to walk the dog and then by work time, back to shorts.

If you work outside the home, you still have outfits you wear more than anything else. I find black and white to be a great wardrobe that you don’t have to think about too much. Just pick a few things and those are your staples.

You are the architect of your life

Learning to be the architect of the rituals of your day boils down to a time schedule. This schedule lets you know you’re on track and eliminates stress. Having a limited number of choices also eliminates stress.

Then your ageless spirit is free to soar. You have the freedom to create your ageless life and business rather than being bogged down in the same minutia day after day.

Until next time, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Just comment on this post here or on Facebook.

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daily rituals

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