Ageless Travel Off The Beaten Path in Baja Mexico

Travel Off The Beaten Path in Los Cabos, Baja Mexico

Living an ageless lifestyle means you are probably a little adventurous. My adventures start with travel off the beaten path where I live in Los Cabos, Baja Mexico.

Many of us living an ageless lifestyle live around the world in countries we are not originally from. Others travel to all the corners of the planet enjoying everything the world has to offer.

Whether you are at the point of  1 vacation a year, ageless travel, or having a full-on ageless lifestyle; today I’m sharing a little of the natural beauty surrounding my home of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico that most travelers never see. Experience ageless travel off the beaten path in Los Cabos, Baja Mexico. The video is at the bottom of this post.

What many vacationers don’t think about is the fact that the natural beauty of these popular spots around the world is what initially made them popular. And yet when they travel, they stay at an all-inclusive resort and never see their surroundings at all.

I’m inviting you to get out of the resorts and get off the beaten path. Discover the places you travel to and be an adventurer.

Getting out on the road is a great way to feel like you are really experiencing a new place you travel to.

Not everyone feels comfortable driving on their own in a foreign country. That’s ok. You can still get out there by taking excursions offered at your hotel or resort when you’re traveling. In fact, many companies allow you to book excursions online before you even arrive at your destination.

So many tourists go to an area and decide if they like it or not without ever venturing off the property of the resort they are staying at.


Just looking at the map above, you can see that Los Cabos is a large area that goes from Cabo San Lucas on the south end to San Jose del Cabo on the north end. There are several hundred hotels and resorts to stay at, not to mention thousands of rental condos.

You could vacation here 20 times and not ever stay in the same area more than once.

Unless you are going to a tiny island, chances are you will have to get out of your hotel to see what the area has to offer.

Don’t be afraid. Be adventurous. If you don’t want to wander out on your own, get a guide.

Most resort locations have Facebook groups where you can connect with other people who vacation in that area. You can find recommendations for everything to see and do before you go.

This video gives you an idea of just a small part of what Cabo has to offer, that you would miss if you didn’t leave your resort.

If you’re building an ageless lifestyle, part of that is to be bold and experience life, be an adventurer.

Ageless Travel Off The Beaten Path in Baja Mexico

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