A Spiritual Connection With Whales

A Spiritual Connection With Whales

Whales are a big part of my life. Whales are one of the reasons I chose to live in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. When I first moved here in the early 90’s I would have dreams of the whales coming into the bay and picking me up and us going out into the ocean together. Those were dreams I hated to wake up from.

To this day I don’t know the meaning of those dreams, which for years recurred regularly and then only when something major was about to happen in my life. For this reason I have long felt a spiritual connection to whales.

Cabo is known as one of the top 3 places in the world for watching whales from the shore. I watch them from inside my condo every day from October to mid-April! We have several species of whales here, but are famous for the gray whales who come to give birth. This winter we have had more than 2200 gray whales tracked in the lagoons where they give birth just north of here.

I don’t know if you have ever had the experience of whale watching. Even if it’s done from far away, as it is in some parts of the world, it is still an incredible experience. But when you have the chance to go to a place where the whales feel very safe interacting with you and they seek out your small boats to introduce their new babies, it’ quite an unusual experience.

At the moment you come face to face with your very first whale, most likely you will feel some kind of a spiritual connection with whales from that point forward.

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People from all over the world come to these birthing lagoons that are far from tourist areas on the remote Baja California peninsula in Mexico. The easiest way to get to one of these lagoons is to fly into Cabo and drive almost 6 hours north from the airport and stay over night in a small village to go out whale watching the next day.

The boat captains are licensed by the government and these waters filled with whales and fishing are their lives, generation after generation. They have a very special relationship with the whales. Some of them call to the whales. Others watch them so carefully each day they know exactly where to go to find friendly whales to play with. I have a feeling they have a spiritual connection with whales as well.

I want to make it perfectly clear, that whales are not chased in these lagoons. The whales come to us by choice. So want to play and some are just going by.

Yes, Cabo has amazing whale watching, but there’s nothing like playing with the mothers and babies in the lagoon.

This year I took 2 trips to Puerto Alfonso Lopez Mateo, which is the calmest bay, with the least facilities. I absolutely love this place. I posted an article with all the particulars after my February trip here.

This is my first video from the March trip. Most of the clips don’t have any talking. 🙂



The entire playlist is here. The March videos are labeled as such.

With smart tvs we now have the ability to have 50+ inches of high definition to make you feel as if you are right there with me having this experience. I would urge you, if you enjoy this first clip, to settle in for a nice break in your day and enjoy them on the big screen.

See if your ageless spirit can feel a spiritual connection with whales from watching the playlist at home. And maybe next year it’s time to come join me at the lagoons. Isn’t experiencing new things a part of your ageless lifestyle after 50?

A Spiritual Connection With Whales

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