7 Steps to Empowered Wealth

7 Steps to Empowered Wealth: Part 1

Living an ageless lifestyle after 50 attracts people who are on a conscious path of self-growth and are always learning new things about themselves and the world. Having an ageless mind entails revisiting some of the concepts you have lived with in the past. Wealth takes on a new meaning when you are coming from the perspective of being ageless. You don’t just want money for money’s sake, you want to feel empowered by what you do with your wealth and how you acquire it. These 7 steps to empowered wealth will be your guide.

There’s a big difference between just having money and having empowered wealth. When you have empowered wealth, you have the knowledge to build a financial foundation. That allows you to not only keep the fortune you have acquired, but make the intelligent informed decisions that are required to maintain and build it.  In part one we will cover the first three steps and finish up with the other four steps next time.

Step One: Passion

You must discover your passion, create a vision for your life and then develop a way  to produce income, like creating a product, from the topic you are passionate about.  True happiness comes from living your passion. This is a topic I have talked about frequently, so I don’t think it’s necessary to go over it again here.

Your vision is the script to the movie of your life. And if you are going through your life with no idea or only a vague idea of what you want your life to look like, you will never see it happen. Your life is the outgrowth of someone’s vision, either yours or someone else’s. When you don’t have a vision for your own life, your friends, family, co-workers, the media-basically everyone but you is creating the vision for your life.

You will never acquire the level of wealth that is available to you as long as you are trading hours for dollars. First you want to be in business for yourself, and second, in the best case scenario your business should create income while you sleep. If you are in a professional services industry such as an accountant, attorney or some type of coach, you really need to develop products for passive income. There are only so many hours in a day that you can bill, and only so much your clients are willing to pay. Why would you want to put that kind of cap on your income?   That’s where the information products come in.

Step Two: Attitude

You must develop a wealth attitude to be open to being wealthy and ready to receive large amounts of money when it comes to you. One of the biggest reasons people don’t have a lot of money is because of their beliefs about what money represents and their worthiness to have it. To change this situation requires overcoming any self-limiting beliefs you may have. People who have empowered wealth have learned the keys to developing a wealth attitude.

Here are 11 keys to developing a wealth attitude:

  1. Take responsibility for your life.
  2. Be a well-informed and intelligent risk taker.
  3. Recognize your fears and overcome them.
  4. Have a passion that drives you.
  5. Set big, outrageous goals.
  6. Create opportunities for yourself.
  7. Know you always have choices.
  8. Make your money work for you.
  9. Make your life an adventure.
  10. Enjoy the journey.
  11. Work from the inside out.

Step Three: Expertise

Become an expert in your field. This isn’t as difficult as you may think since you’re always learning.

Read a minimum of one book a month on a subject you want to learn more about. Read at least one magazine or newsletter a month to stay on the cutting edge of your profession. Just imagine how different your life will be a year from now when you have read and implemented this additional information. This alone could make you an expert in your field compared to over 95% of your peers who never do any kind of reading or continuing education in their profession unless it’s required by law.

Implementation is the key. Reading a book may be intellectually stimulating, but you’re wasting your time if there is no practical application that follows. A good tip for getting more out of your reading is to read and take notes as if you had to go out and teach the material when you finish. You learn on a much deeper level every time you do.

In addition, drawing on your network and your dream team you will create to help you achieve your goals. Here are a few questions to get you started.

Who inspires you?

Who’s brain would you love to pick?

Who do you know that can get you to that person?

Do you read biographies?

Do you listen to CD’s or podcasts in your car that inspire you?

Are you involved in charities where you could meet people with a similar passion you would want on your team?

Are you a member of your professional associations?

Who has the resources you need to reach your goal?

What exactly do you need?

How will you go about accomplishing it?

How will you finance it?

Do you have a coach to help you stay on track? You need to be accountable to someone other than yourself, your family and your friends. There needs to be an outside person who can push you when you need to be pushed.

Start writing a blog on the topic you’ve chosen to create a community of people who will share your interest and want to know on what’s happening in your business.

If you are just beginning the process of creating your ageless lifestyle, discovering your passion and creating a vision for your life, click here to take the first step. It’s my gift to you!

I do work with privately with clients on a very limited basis. If you would like to work one on one, please connect with me by clicking on the contact tab above.

Next time we will finish up with the other four steps to empowered wealth.

7 Steps to Empowered Wealth

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