6 Workouts to Overcome Weight Loss Plateaus

6 Workouts to Overcome Weight Loss Plateaus

Plateaus can happen to anyone. Things are going great, you’re losing weight and getting fit when suddenly you hit a plateau. Now, you’re doing all the right things that had worked before but you’re no longer losing weight. You seem to be stuck in the same place without any positive results. It’s the dreaded weight loss plateau.

You may be frustrated, confused, or downright annoyed with the whole situation, but there is a way to get your workouts and your weight loss back on track. Sometimes your body requires changes in pace when it comes to exercising to jumpstart weight loss again.

If you feel as if you’ve hit a weight loss plateau, try these workouts to get over the hump and back to your goals.

6 Workouts to Overcome Weight Loss Plateaus

These workouts will help you get your weight loss program on the right track in no time.

Don’t waste time feeling discouraged about your plateau. It’s common to hit these snags in the course of a weight loss journey and there are always ways around them.

Take A Walk:

Walking is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that burns calories, is gentle on your joints, and helps you do away with any unwanted fat. You can walk anywhere at any pace and enjoy the healthful benefits of this exercise. A 45 minute brisk walk once a day, 5 days of the week can lead to you losing up to a pound every week.

High Intensity Interval Training:

If you do traditional cardio regularly your body has likely become accustomed to its level of intensity, so turn it up a few notches with HIIT. HIIT is a workout that incorporates short bursts of extremely intense moves, followed by short periods or rest. Because you are constantly taking the body through intense changes, it reacts rapidly and is more challenged to respond to the stress, which results in better fat burning effects. HIIT also induces the anaerobic state, which is the optimal zone for fat burning!


It’s no coincidence that swimmers often have lean, streamlined bodies. This exercise gets your heart rate up, your muscles working, and your calories burning. In fact, a vigorous swim can burn between 400 and 700 calories an hour. This exercise is also low-impact, making it a great choice for you if you’re looking for a relaxing workout that’s as effective as it is calming.


A fun ride through the park with your friends can get you over your weight loss plateau. This low-impact exercise can burn between 372 and 1,200 calories an hour depending upon your weight, the terrain, and your speed. This is a great exercise for beginners, as well as those who are well-seasoned in regular exercise.

If you live close enough to your job or school, you can even begin commuting via bike to get in a double workout each day. If you bike regularly you might want to turn up your speed and resistance in order to shock the body into fat burning action.


Running is one of the most popular workouts for getting rid of body fat. When you run, you can burn up to 600 calories an hour. Running also helps to build strong bones, elastic connective tissues, and guards your body from a variety of diseases and conditions like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and even cancer.

Weight Lifting:

Weight lifting and different forms of weight training are highly effective in burning calories and body fat. No matter what type of weight training you participate in, you can enjoy the benefits of a leaner, more defined body, a stronger heart and muscles, and increased endurance.

Changing It Up

When you hit a weight loss plateau, it may simply mean you need to change your routine around in order to begin seeing results again. One of the biggest rules of an exercise routine is to make sure it doesn’t become a complacent routine or that it doesn’t become too easy.

Once your body settles into a rut, it can be very hard to get the results you want out of your workout. Instead, throw new exercises into your routine to shake things up and allow opportunities for change.

Your body will be forced to stay on the alert at all times, making it more likely for you to lose weight consistently until you reach your goals.

As you age your exercise routine needs to take into account how your body is changing. You may or may not have been a regular exerciser up until now. That will impact your results and the choices you make of how you want to shake up your current routine. The most important thing is that you are on your way to having a fit, healthy ageless body as part of your ageless lifestyle after 50.

6 Workouts to Overcome Weight Loss Plateaus

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