6 tips stop negative thinking

6 Tips to Stop Your Negative Thinking

You really can stop your negative thinking! In fact, you can change your life by changing the way you think. If you perceive your life as being in a rut and you think it could be because of your negativity, it probably is.

There are several ways you can change your thought process to concentrate on the positive things in your life. I’ll give you 6 quick and easy to implement tips to get you started, and you’ll stop your negative thinking in no time.

Negative thinking can sometimes become an excuse to live in the routine comfort zone you’ve created for yourself. You stay on ‘autopilot’ and the world revolves around you rather than you participating in the excitement, adventure and challenges life offers. It’s safer to stay in that rut, isn’t it?

You may have told yourself that critical thinking protects you from a world full of crazy people and those who would take advantage of you. That stops you from interacting with people, listening to them, and possibly, you even feel things are happening to you. But, when you replace the negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll find you’re enjoying life much more. Even though there might be ups and downs, it’s preferable to the numbness you experience with negative thinking.

Here are 6 tips to change your thought process:

1. See challenges as opportunities. Even if you face a challenge and fail, at least you’ve tried and you can pat yourself on the back and feel more positive about yourself. Think of challenges as chances to learn and grow. You can’t succeed if you don’t put yourself out there. You learn much more about how to succeed by analyzing your failed attempts than you do by having one quick success.

2. Look forward to the future. Unless you’re looking forward to the future, you’re miserable in the present. The future has so much potential for you to prosper and learn and to have all good things enter your life. Think about what you really want your life to look like. Let yourself dream. Then think about what has to shift for those things to be a real possibility in your life.

3. Don’t expect overnight success. When you’re attempting to change your thinking from negative to positive, and to a larger extent, change your life, it won’t happen overnight. Give yourself some leeway to take some time to succeed. You may have had a lifetime of living with negative thinking. It’s bound to take some time to overcome those negative self-talk traps.

4. Experience and learn new things. Take a class, take up a sport or engage in a hobby you’ve always wanted to learn more about. It could be something as simple as taking a cooking class. Just get out and do it.

5. Treat yourself. Nothing boosts a mood and helps you change from negative to positive thoughts like a dose of self-care. Try a massage, a game of golf, dinner out, a manicure/pedicure or a new pair of shoes.

6. Don’t deprecate yourself in front of others. That’s negative thinking about yourself coming out to others. Have the courage to praise yourself or tout what you’re doing. Talk about what you’ve accomplished without feeling the need to downplay it or discount your accomplishments. Help others think of you as a positive person rather than one who’s down on him or herself.

After implementing even one of these 6 tips to stop your negative thinking, you’ll already be feeling so much better about yourself! Remember, you can’t have an ageless mind or ageless spirit if you have negative thinking! Changing your thoughts allows you to fully embrace having an ageless lifestyle after 50.

Another big support to your new attitude will be to create your own personal manifesto. I’ve created a report that shows you exactly how to do it, with a template and samples, and it’s my gift to you. You can pick it up here!

6 tips stop negative thinking


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