Vegan stars over 50

5 Stars Over 50 and Their Vegan Lifestyle

You’ve probably noticed there’s been a lot of talk about celebs going vegan lately, from Jennifer Lopez dropping 10 pounds, to Beyonce and JayZ. Here are 5 stars over 50 and their vegan lifestyle. These celebs are definitely living an ageless lifestyle. These 5 came from a list of 10 male and 10 female vegan stars compiled by The Vegan Woman here. Having an ageless lifestyle requires a healthy ageless body and being vegan is one way to get there.

 Betty White

Seriously, is there anyone fiercer and more awesome than this hilarious lady?

The 90-year-old former Golden Girl has been a vegetarian for over three decades. Nowadays, she’s not just a committed vegan, but also a serious animal rights activist, saying she “could never see [herself] eating a best friend”. I must admit that does make quite a bit of sense!

Despite her age, Betty still has a fantastic, extremely active career, looks awesome and is adored by practically everyone. Where does all her energy come from? Could it possibly be due to her vegan diet? 

Vegan Betty White

Betty White Photo copyright: s_bukley /

Woody Harrelson

You might recognize Woody from the classic television show Cheers, or from his appearances in various films such as the acclaimed No Country for Old Men or even the latest teen franchise The Hunger Games. Ok, ok, some of you probably knew that he is also vegan. After all, as recently as June 2012, he was voted by PETA as Sexiest Vegetarian, along with the stunning Jessica Chastain.

But not only is Woody vegan, he is actually a raw foodist and a devoted environmentalist! For that, I personally applaud him. Woody claims to have started his vegan diet due to health reasons, 25 years ago, and that becoming vegan turned his life around. I’m sure many of us will be able to identify with that. 

Woody Harrelson - vegan

Woody Harrelson is not only vegan, but also a raw foodist!Photo copyright: Featureflash/

Michelle Pfeiffer

You know how there’s always an argument about who the best Catwoman is? Well. I mean, really, IS there anything to argue? Because clearly it is Michelle Pfeiffer and FOREVER will be. None of that Anne Hathaway nonsense (who actually, is also a vegan).

This stunning 54-year-old says Bill Clinton inspired her to go vegan, proving to her that if a foodie such as him can strive on a vegan diet, so can she. Pfeiffer, who’s been vegan for a relatively short time, says that although the main reason for going vegan is wanting to live a long and healthy life, vanity has a bit to do with it as well. And clearly it’s working, because Michelle looks simply gorgeous!

Vegan Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer
Photo copyright: s_bukley /

Anthony Kiedis

In case anyone missed the news: VEGANS CAN ROCK! The lead singer of the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers sure proves that. Kiedis, who’s been a vegetarian since the eighties, became a fulltime vegan in 2008, after his son was born. Back then, he hired a personal vegan chef to make delicious vegan meals for him around the clock. Is anyone but me super-jealous right now? My own personal vegan chef, sounds like paradise! To this day, both Kiedis and his son are still vegan.

Anthony Kiedis -vegan

VEGANS CAN ROCK! The lead singer of the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedis.Photo copyright: s_bukley/

James Cromwell

He may have played a crazy, sadistic, misogynistic ex-Nazi doctor on the deliciously creepy and disturbing hit-show American Horror Story, but in real life James Cromwell could not be farther from all that. Cromwell became a vegan in 1995, while making one of the movies I basically grew up with as a kid, Babe. Since then, he’s been a major advocate for animal rights, speaking up against animal cruelty, especially in treatment of pigs. Only recently you could catch him in a brand new PETA PSA, urging people to report animal abuse. In fact, James Cromwell’s PSA is possibly the most sensible campaign to come out of PETA in quite a while. Good for him!

James Cromwell -vegan


James Cromwell became a vegan in 1995, during the making of the movie Babe. Since then, he’s been a major advocate for animal rights.Photo copyright: DFree/


Vegan stars over 50

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