5 Keys to Having More Joy in Your Life Right Now

5 Keys to Having More Joy in Your Life Right Now

What is the first thing you think of when you think about having more joy in your life?

For me it’s being in nature, spending time with my dogs, watching a movie with a happy ending or finishing something that gives me a sense of accomplishment. Sometimes it comes from peace and quiet.

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I feel joy every morning when I go upstairs to read and meditate. I love it up there. The dogs are excited to go up and get on the day bed with me. They enjoy the birds, although I don’t think they really appreciate the view the way I do.

I feel joy taking in the scenery, in gratitude for where I live and the view I enjoy. I love the peace and quiet. Really, now that I think about it, my whole morning routine fills me with joy. That’s probably why it’s such a great way to start my day.

So what fills you with joy?

Is it a house filled with kids, family all talking and laughing? Or are you more like me and love peace and quiet?

Being ageless hinges on being able to feel joy more and more of the hours during your day.

Here are 5 Keys to Having More Joy in Your Life Right Now:

  1. Make a list of the things that make you have an overflowing feeling of joy when you think about them
  2. Accept that joy is your natural state of being
  3. Ask yourself how you can spend more of your time focused on those things that bring you joy
  4. Focus on being warm-hearted and assuming people have the best intentions
  5. Look at not only what you can give each day, but also where you can allow yourself to receive so someone else can experience that joy of giving

Just 5 things. They are all simple, and yet if you could focus on one each day, or even one each week you’ll see that you’re having more joy in your life, right now, today.

What’s your next step to living with more joy in your life?

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 5 Keys to Having More Joy in Your Life Right Now

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