5 Fitness Lies Exposed

5 Fitness Lies Exposed

One of the most popular goals is always to get in better shape.  It’s time to have these 5 fitness lies exposed. Your goals will never be achieved if you’re doing the wrong things because you don’t have the correct information.

Being in good enough shape to do any activities you choose to do is certainly part of having an ageless body. It’s hard to have an ageless lifestyle and travel and get out and have fun if your body can’t keep up with what your mind and spirit would like to be doing.

No matter what goals you are setting for your fitness this year, it’s important to have a goal setting process that not only helps you set the strongest goals for yourself, but also gives you a system to help you achieve them. Ageless Lifestyle Guide to Goal Setting and Achieving is what you’re looking for. Check it out here.

This guest article tackles 5 fitness lies you may have told yourself for way too long.

Cracking the fat loss and fitness code is a tough thing for most people. It certainly was for me — 60 pounds of fat I didn’t want or need after years of playing the yo-yo dieting game.

When information contradicts and failure repeats, frustration mounts. That frustration can lead you to make excuses for why you’re not reaching your goals.

There’s five excuses that I hear over and over again that I never want to hear you make. It seems like these excuses fit the bill at first, but I promise they don’t. They’re fairy tales.

#1) I have a slow metabolism.

Ah, this fairy tale is so comfortable! “It’s my metabolism’s fault!”

But your metabolism isn’t set in stone. It functions based on different variables like a computer program. In coding the key phrase is, “Garbage in, garbage out.”

If you feed your metabolism garbage inputs, you’ll get garbage outputs. If you’re investing in bad advice about what to eat, how to exercise, and how to manage other lifestyle factors then it doesn’t matter how hard you’re trying; the inputs are bad.

I’m not charging you with screwing up, I just want you to know that your metabolism isn’t the culprit. The good news is that you can fix it.

#2) I eat pretty healthy.

When clients contact me they almost always start with, “I’ve been struggling with my weight for years. I don’t know why because I eat pretty healthy.”

Again, you think you eat healthy because you’ve been duped by conventional wisdom gems such as: avoid fat, eat less calories, eat healthy whole grains, do a lot of cardio exercise, go Vegan, control portions, add up points, and so on.

Hint: All of those suggestions are why you’re struggling. The real, unbiased science doesn’t back up ANY of those suggestions.

While you think you’re eating healthy, you’re actually eating in a way that’s breaking your body. Start to reverse this by learning about ANTI foods.

#3) My whole family is overweight; it’s in our genes.

This excuse often ties in with the metabolism excuse. But it’s just as bogus.

It’s true that genes play an important role in how your body functions. And your genetic expression has been influenced since before your birth.

But epigenetics has also taught us that genes can be turned on and off. You can create a lifestyle right now that turns off genes that are harming your progress and turns on genes that will carry you swiftly to success.

How? Real nutrition and a deliberate lifestyle. I’ve had clients who swore they were destined to be overweight because of genetics reach every goal they set — and more — after a few simple adjustments.

#4) I don’t have the time or resources to be successful.

Translation: “Success in health and fitness is not yet a top priority for me.”

It’s not about money — I can change your life on food stamps. And it’s not about time — everyone has 24 hours in a day.

If you think you don’t have the time or money to lose weight and improve your health it’s because your “why” isn’t big enough yet.

#5) Losing weight will solve all my problems.

There’s one thing I really want you to know: that when you reach whatever physical goal you’ve set, nothing will be different about your life.

If you’re unhappy now, you’ll be unhappy then. If you’re stressed now, you’ll be stressed then. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive for things. It means that if you want to change your life, you should actually change your life and not just your body.

Losing weight won’t solve ANY of your problems, I promise. I used to be 60 pounds overweight. I lost all 60 pounds and none of my “life problems” went away. That’s the cold, hard truth.

Start changing your life while you change your weight; that leads to happiness.

Are you done making excuses?

Jordan Belfort said it best: “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”

What excuses have you been telling yourself? Shout them out in the comments!

Article by Kevin Geary on BossFitMag.com

5 Fitness Lies Exposed

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